SFxT2013 “Lines. Gotta Cross ‘Em!” by Doopliss

This video focuses heavily on changes made to Street Fighter X Tekken in the v.2013 patch, and is the result of months of analyzing the change logs. I thought my last video was long, but this one is over 12 minutes!

Highlights: Vega Triple EX FBA at 0:14, Lei & Ken extended juggle at 1:17, Elena all target combos at 2:30, Alisa midscreen chainsaw juggle at 4:34, Lars mix-up fest at 7:27, Asuka crumplefest at 8:22, Lili mid-juggle wallbounce at 11:34

Combos and editing by Doopliss

Special thanks:
pepopulo (For Asuka b.MPxxMK EX CADC to c.HP)
Offen (Bob Pandora cancel glitch)
zUkUu (Paul research)
street11 (Paul research)
Vulcan Hades (Yoshimitsu tech)
General Scales (Yoshimitsu bronze fist to EX Gehosen)
YuNgIcE89 (Lei Dragon LK to Crane)


0:14 Seems like the first two hits of Vega’s EX FBA doesn’t raise the juggle counter, allowing you to do a very long juggle combo, as long as you can avoid the third one. It raises the JC by A LOT, and avoiding it was the main challenge of this combo. Sagat’s Super is really quick, has a lot of JP and has decent range, making it a good option for Pandora combos.

0:38 Kuma can now cancel into hunting stance as if it was a special move, allowing for all sorts of tricks. In this combo I use it to basically jump cancel his f.LP string, then tag cancel it into Ken’s 2-frame super. You can probably land a ground combo after this instead of just a super, but felt it wouldn’t be relevant to the combo.

0:48 A few changes to Yoshimitsu’s overhead string allows him to now combo a quick special from the backdash follow-up. He can do EX Gehosen or EX Windmill.

0:53 Christie can now juggle after MP and HP Wheel Kicks. I’m quite sure they give her more time to act than LP Wheel kick as well. Little known fact: Abel’s Finish Low causes a groundbounce, which allowed me to do a juggle combo into his new Wheel Kick groundbounce. Note that Christie’s special move is named “Wheel Kicks” while Abel’s is named “Wheel Kick”.

1:06 This combo displays several Hwoarang changes. More advantage on his divekick, no more resets from s.MK xx MK, and the groundbounce from his stomp. I couldn’t find any moves that had more JP than a heavy, so I had to tag cancel the stomp instead. I was quite pissed at the time, so I simply ended it with Lei’s super, which only triggers the animation when connecting on grounded or groundbounced opponents.

1:17 This combo displays several of Lei’s new stance options, like snake HP crumpling on CH, Dragon HP launches, and s.MK cancels into Drunken Master Walk. Quite sure Ken could not juggle two Target Combos like this before they made the recovery better.

1:29 By cancelling into Rolling Attack in the corner when the opponent is too high up for it to connect, Blanka will hit the wall and recover almost instantly, allowing him to do new combos.

1:35 This combo displays several new changes made to Ogre. Linking after far s.HP, cancelling c.MP, and increased JP on his flame punch (and more damage on cl.HK I guess). I honestly don’t remember if Law could juggle with flash kicks in this matter before v.2013, but it sure sounds hilarious.

1:45 I had to cross up j.MK for the c.MP to connect after cl.HK, it pushed me way too far away on a normal jump-in for some reason. New far s.HK makes for cool juggles. HK Alter Ego as more JP, allowing it to combo in the end there.

1:52 Cancelling cl.MP allows me to stay close enough to land cl.HP in the end. I don’t think Juri could juggle with EX Fuhajin after cl.HP in this manner before. A weird thing about the move is that only LK+HK EX Fuhajin works normally, but on counterhit MK+HK works as well. If you chain into cl.HP, you get the old version of the move, with a smaller launching arc.

2:03 Asukas juggles are not made to work at this range from the opponent. After her Upkicks, her j.HK would often only hit once, making the 2nd hit whiff because of lack of range. I also had a hard time finding a variant into super that worked. I was originally planning on using c.MP to Super, but I just could not get it to reach the opponent. For those that don’t know, Asuka’s super is really bad for juggles and will often miss after the first hit if the opponent isn’t at juuuuust the right height.

2:15 A combo displaying some of Cole’s and M.Bison’s new combo possibilities. Sadly Cole didn’t reach with the airgrab at the end, the only specials that worked were the first hit of his Rekka and Lightning Grenade. I opted for the former.

2:24 By hitting CH Fox Hunt on a Dhalsim limb, Steve has time enough to charge for a 1-bar Super. His super only goes into animation from up close, making this basically useless in a real match, Fox Hunt can also only be cancelled if it hits with its first frame or few frames, and is not cancellable if you hit someone high up with the top of the move.

2:30 Thanks to Elena’s new EX Lynx Tail, I could finally make a combo with all her Target Combos in it. Akuma’s Demon Flip Palm only seems to connect on larger characters in this situation.

2:41 Whiffing the 2nd hit of Heron Dance only seems to work on larger characters. Asukas’ cancellable c.HP now gives her combo options after EX Falling Rain. She could link it before as well, but since it wasn’t cancellable it was better to just do sweep. Due to what I can only assume is a glitch, Bob can cancel all of his special cancellable moves into Pandora activation. This allowed even Asuka’s super to connect after a groundbounce.

3:02 A simple combo designed to show off Paul’s new cancellable LP Sway and the extra effects added to his Phoenix Smasher on counterhit.

3:05 A combo showing off some of Marduk’s new links. c.MK xx c.HP was the only way I could figure out to land c.HP after EX DLTD, forcing me to use another bar to CADC it.

3:14 This combo is way harder than it looks. Linking those heavy juggles together takes precise timing, especially for Sagat.

3:24 A basic combo showing off some of King’s changes. Most of them are damage buffs though, making it hard to notice.

3:33 While Jack-X’s and Kuma’s new cross-ups look pretty much identical, Jack-X’s is a lot better, allowing you to do really deep cross-ups. Hwoarang’s EX Stomp seemed to glitch when I tried to do this combo, it would always charge for a while after activation, making it too slow to connect. The solution was to walk backwards for a while before doing it. Very strange.

3:40 I designed this combo around Law’s new ability to chain into his groundbounce from his jab string. Once again, I don’t know enough about Law’s old flash kick combos to be sure what I did here actually is something new. I think c.HP being faster might be what makes it possible though.

3:48 Ibuki can now chain three EX Kunais together. People seem to think it was limited to two, so I added this to show that you can infact do three. Four is not possible even with infinite meter. CH c.HP needs to be jump cancelled on the first possible frame to combo into LK stomps.

3:53 The change log said Pac-Man’s EX Hip Attack was now cancellable into other moves. In actuality it simply has close to no recovery upon landing, allowing you to land even his super-slow j.HP afterwards.

4:07 A simple combo showing how Lei can now cancel his Panther LP xx MP string. The cancel timing is really weird and strict though.

4:12 Lei’s s.MK usually knocks the opponent quite far away, but if you cancel it into Drunken Master Walk and then crouch cancel that, you can link after it. You can also Link Snake LP after s.LK when cancelled into Snake.

4:17 Nina’s new cross-up is really weird. It seems to alter her jumping arc slightly. I was originally going to do “QCB+LK, LP+MK, HCF+K xx PPx3” after the second tag cancel, but that only works when Asuka’s EX Raging Storm hits a grounded opponent thanks to a glitch, making my initial research misleading.

4:29 This was the most meterless damage I could land after EX Zonk midscreen. Cody has really limited JP on his crouching normals, making stuff like this really annoying. The combo was a pain to land too, pretty sure c.HP had to hit on the first possible frame for it to work.

4:34 I was originally doing s.MP to s.MK instead of s.MP, c.LP xx s.MK, but the combo was too hard to do with a 1-frame link that early acting as a bottleneck for my attempts, so I scrapped that. landing the 2-hit Dest.form s.HP close to the end requires you to walk ever so slightly. If you get one hit the c.HP won’t connect in time, and if all three hits connect, it doesn’t have enough JP. I use Asuka’s EX Falling Rain to lower the JC slightly to allow Alisa to do c.HP xx Super. This works because Alisa’s c.HP doesn’t add any JP on the first hit. Requies two controllers.

4:57 Kuma’s s.HP xx MP causes the opponent to slip, allowing you to combo his f.LP string afterwards. the last hit of that string has a lot of hitstun, making it optimal for cancels into hunting stance, allowing you to combo into Hunting f.HP. From a normal heavy you can barely combo a Hunting L.

5:15 The new launch at the end of Bison’s EX Scissor makes the move really good for tag cancels, giving you ample time to charge for a 1-bar Super.

5:27 Law’s very slow j.HP got a damage buff, so a combo starting with j.HP, cl.HK, c.HP is bound to do a lot of damage. Jin’s launcher can actually connect twice if you use it in a tag cancel combo, doing a total of 200 damage if not chained into, while still only scaling once.

5:33 I was planning to start this combo off with a CH far s.HP, EX CADC’d into f.HP, but that causes the opponent to crouch, pushing you too far away from him to hit with c.LP after the first Demolition Man.

5:47 By delaying the EX Legs, you can get all the hits to connect. Linking cl.HP afterwards is really tight, probably a 1-frame link. Doesn’t seem to be affected by how high they’re launcher after EX legs either.

5:53 Heihachi’s new cancellable cl.HK has less pushback then cl.HP (I think? Honestly didn’t test it ^_^’), making it good for ground combos like these, despite its lower damage. I was surprised when I heard Ibuki utter Phoenix’s now famous quote. Also, that part of the song is very similar to the G&G theme to me, explaining the Arthur head.

6:05 Seems Julia’s j.HK can cross up the opponent. I assume it takes precise spacing, but it was easy to find, just do two s.MPs from point blank. Only made this combo to show her new EX Lashing Arrow, don’t know a lot about her combos other than the CADC-heavy stuff, and I’m just no good at those combos.

6:12 As you can see, you can do s.HK, far s.HP xx CADC, cl.HP for some nice damage. Don’t know if it’s easier on larger characters or if it was simply a psychological thing for me, but I had a harder time landing it on normal-sized characters.

6:22 Xiaoyu can now link after her c.MP, including into itself and c.HP. All of the links shown here are 1-frame links though, so I opted for a simple finisher, you could have done a lot more from that c.MK if you wanted to. Her new cross-up is kinda weird to time imo, it’s faster than I expect it to be.

6:34 Cole can’t combo after his airgrab by himself, but if you activate Pandora, your partner can do it for you. This was possible before v.2013 as well though, the only new things in this combo was Sliding Combo into c.MP, and cancellable c.HP.

6:53 Showing some of Bob’s new juggle tools. Super works fine and causes a groundbounce even if it connects on a groundbounced opponent.

7:05 This combo seems to only work on larger characters. s.HK won’t connect in the end on smaller ones, maybe because you have to do j.HK sooner against them, or maybe because s.HK whiffs above them. I originally had a combo with s.HP instead of s.HK, but that also seemed to whiff against some characters, so I scrapped it and went for full situationality (is that even a word?).

7:17 Using Christie’s EX Handstand to extend a juggle from a launcher, allowing Blanka to combo off of his own launcher. By removing the hitfreeze on chained launcher, the game now allows you to do a longer combo before it.

7:27 CH QCF+KK xx P causes a ridiculous amount of hitfreeze on the opponent, you almost have time enough to raw tag and continue the combo (Maybe in the corner with ibuki’s Super?). Opted for a mix-up situation to show off the cancellable HK Silent Entry. HK Silent Entry to kick follow-up crosses up enemies quite nicely.

7:39 I had trouble connecting Palm to Backbreaker after CH f.HP, but walking forward into c.LK seems to do the trick. You can still use EX backbreaker if you use s.LK though.

7:44 Just showing off c.HP xx CADC, c.HP and Super being able to juggle now. Replacing the first c.HP with j.HP does more damage and is easier. I guess I should have cut his super short, but I just like it too much <3

7:56 Showing some new links and the improved JP on Normal PS.

8:02 Using auto-corrected Rhino Horn directly after EX Lynx Tail seems to cause them to be sent in the opposite direction. A similar effect can be seen when Blanka crosses under his opponent in the corner with Rolling Attack into Lightning, shown later in the video. Improved Super start-up allows her to easily juggle into it mid-screen.

8:15 A simple combo showing the difference between WGF and EWGF, the new f.MK groundbounce, and the increased juggle on QCF+P. I had originally planned something fancier, but I just suck at EWGFs. I intend for the first one to be EWGF and the second to be WGF, but when I noticed f.MK connected after WGF as well, I went with this variant instead.

8:21 Asuka’s cancellable allows her to do all sorts of fun stuff on counterhit. You can choose between js.HP and jf.HP to decide what direction you want to do a follow-up combo in, and you can super charge into a free EX Oni, or EX Super charge into a 1-bar super (only connects properly on larger characters). You can also EX CADC her b.MP xx MK string into c.HP, allowing you to combo into crumple from a jump-in or tag cancel.

8:33 See 1:29 and 8:02 for more info on this combo. Note That Blanka’s Lightning moves only has JP1, and most of his moves requires JP2 to be juggled afterwards. Tag cancels, cross rush/raw launcher and AA f.MP are his only options to set it up (And his own launcher I guess (7:17)).

8:39 Using Lei’s Dragon LK to juggle into Crane uf.K. This one of the last combos I made, so I had no interesting finishers left. I decided to go for the Ryu ender I used in Crush the Line, since it’s simple, quick and stylish.

8:46 On counterhit, Pac.Man can combo two j.HPs into c.LP. I’ve tried doing something similar with Jack-X and Kuma without success. I think Pac-Man has less pre-jump frames than those characters, allowing it to work. I think you need to be far away from the opponent when you do Flip kick, making it hit a little later, to juggle after it.

8:55 A simple combo showing some of Christie’s new juggle options in handstand.

9:01 A combo showing some of Bryan’s new options. He can now link c.MP into itself, and I think he couldn’t link a light into EX Dash punch before. I was originally going to juggle with c.LP c.MP xx QCB+MK in the end, but that only works after EX Atomic Throw and not the normal one. I think the EX version leaves you sliiiightly closer, allowing the c.MP to connect. So I just did the sweep since I used all the other interesting finishers in my last video.

9:10 EX Mortar can cross up. Don’t know if you actually have to block it cross-up, but it looks cool. I kinda cheat and use the corner for assistance on the 2nd cross up, but it’s possible to do midscreen, although it’s very difficult (when you juggle that is, it’s easy on standing opponents). It helps too since you’d have to link far s.HP instead of cl.HP if you don’t, which is a tight link. It’s also character specific, it doesn’t seem to work on Hugo, not standing nor in a juggle.

9:26 Before v.2013 it was really hard to juggle into Dudley’s Super mid-screen, maybe even impossible. Now it’s super easy, as long as you can knock the opponent away far enough to not cross under them.

9:42 Iron Man hurts himself and even throws up in an attempt to damage Loki, but then the Hulk comes in and shows him how it’s done. Seriously though, this set-up uses the projectile invincibility on HP Suicide to set-up a trade. Originally I was planning on doing EX Suicide directly afterwards, but it seems the crumple suicide causes makes the opponent go airborne really fast, so it would always knock them down. It was hard to find a set-up that allowed me to combo s.MK after EX PS, but I finally managed to do it. Oh yeah, s.MK combos into EX Suicide now. Jin’s 2-hit combos comes from Yoshimitsu’s hit to himself and the hit of Jin’s projectile, as well as Yoshimitsu stabbing himself twice during EX Suicide.

9:48 This combo is kind of a failure in my eyes. I had so many ideas that were either too hard or simply did not work. The main thing that I had to remove because of its difficulty was that I was going to start the combo with “(On crouching:) CH s.MP xx EX CADC, Fox hunt”, but that required too many inputs too fast for me to handle. Many of my juggle ideas didn’t work either, like Steve not being able to Fox Hunt xx EX SC Super in a normal juggle (See 2:24 for how to do it), or using EX Ducking instead of EX CADC on the second Fox Hunt.

10:04 Juggling with handstand P after the groundbounce is really tight, but it seems to be slightly more lenient on larger characters, seemed to be a 1-frame timing on smaller ones. It was her only move in that situation that allowed me to go directly into Spiral Rocky with Bob, so I could do the “cl.HP, Spiral Rocky, Super” finisher.

10:23 In this combo I make heavy use of the changes to Akuma’s s.HKs. Far s.HK has more advantage, allowing it to link into cl.HK. cl.HK is now cancellable on the 2nd hit, which also causes a groundbounce. Said groundbounce adds a lot of JP though, so it has limited use. Allows you to combo into demon Flip stuff though! In this combo, I whiff Demon Flip to be able to EX SRK from the other side.

10:32 Changes to Paul’s Raze, Shredder and Mortar allows him to do some good no-meter juggles now, like this one. You need to tag cancel the second one pretty darn early for Raven’s j.HK to connect. Raven’s j.HK only adds 1 JP and can groundbounce repeatedly, allowing you to loop it for massive damage. I finish it off with his HK Alter Ego, which has improved JP.

10:41 I use Dhalsim’s f.MK to make the HK PS hit very meaty. This combo requires some precise spacing, because you need to land the Flea Slide meaty too to combo EX Suicide after it (unless you put a s.MK in there). Yoshimitsu’s j.HK is no longer techable on airhit, allowing you to use it in combos. I’m glad I didn’t use it in one of my CVs by mistake before. His c.HK is now special cancellable, allowing you to do unnecessary stuff after finishing the combo.

10:52 Tried using j.HP first, but it pushed me too far away, so j.MK it is! Another variant of Bob’s newfound juggle potential. Apparently Dhalsim can combo a heavy after his AA Super.

11:04 This combo is possible on smaller characters, but it becomes A LOT more strict, since the j.MP hits quite high. Quite sure you only have a few frames of leniency total between the Hozanto, the jabs and the j.MP on smaller characters, while it was quite easy on Hugo.

11:11 This combo shows off a lot of Heihachi changes as well as some Marduk changes. the cl.HK changes mentioned at 5:53, juggling from QCF+HP, and the new, faster DP+KK. Also Marduk’s ability to juggle into DLTD; and I think his LK, MK tekken string is faster now since it combos on grounded opponents now.

11:25 Steve can EX CADC cl.HP into another cl.HP, which he can then EX CADC into s.MP, allowing you to cancel that into Patella Smash and Albion Combination. Albion Combination has the same glitch Asuka’s EX Raging Storm mentioned at 4:17 has, allowing Paul to connect with c.HP after his f.HP string. I originally started the combo with “j.HK, s.HP xx Flicker cancel, c.LP xx c.MK xx cl.HP”, but my execution couldn’t handle it, and it contained nothing new or interesting, so I simply scrapped it. I got as far as connecting Paul’s f.HP string once though, then mistimed the c.HP ;_;

11:34 Lili’s DP+KK xx K is now jump cancellable, which means you can jump cancle it into specials as well. This allows you to combo into Rabbit Thorn for a free, mid-juggle groundbounce. LIke the Steve combo at 11:25, I originally had a longer combo leading up to DP+KK (f.MP xx MP, c.MP xx f.HP, c.LK xx MP xx HP xx DP+KK), but I scrapped it since it didn’t add anything new and too difficult compaired to the payoff.

Lollipop Chainsaw – Lewis theme medley
Double Dragon Neon – City Streets 1
Double Dragon Neon – City Streets 2
Pikmin 2 – Piklopedia

Released today, February 7th, 2013

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