SFxT DLC Character CV by Doopliss

This video features 3-5 combos with every single one of the 12 new DLC characters. The combos are sorted by character for easier navigation, timestamps can be found in the description of the video. At 9 minutes 34 seconds, this is my longest CV yet.

Highlights: Alisa long range juggle at 1:03, Elena 1-hit EX Mallet Smash at 1:54, Cody triple EX Criminal Upper at 3:17, Jack-X solo ToD on Cole at 5:51, Lei Stance Change juggle at 7:18, Christie EX Handstand tricks starting at 8:30

Combos and editing by Doopliss

Jack-X can reach 750+ damage (killing Cole), but I couldn’t get him over 800 (killing Akuma), so Cole had to do. Bryan can cancel a dash into his F,F+MP special, just like Julia, allowing you to use it at the end of a chain by dashing out of QCB+KK. It also has higher juggle potential than his other moves, making this kinda useful as a juggle ender.

Max Anarchy – Play My Ass Off
Max Anarchy – Here We Go
Max Anarchy – We All Soldiers
Max Anarchy – Find You
Max Anarchy – Fast Lane

Released today, August 8th, 2012 (GMT+2)

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