SF3:3S Combo Art “Shiki” by Logical Illusion

Originally sold in DVD format back in 2007, this massive compilation features several incredible combos for every character in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Amazingly, most of this stuff still holds up as the high water mark for multiple characters! It concludes with a segment of maximum hit count combos for the entire roster, optimized to the best of anyone’s knowledge 9 years ago.

SF3:3S Chun Li double Tensei-Ranka at 2:58, Remy charge partitioning at 7:09, Ryu mid-juggle Hurricane Kick at 13:20, Oro freestyle exhibition at 20:25, Dudley whiff Corkscrew Blow at 21:50, Akuma pushing buttons at 27:41, Urien 94-hit record at 36:43, and Gill being a boss at 37:48

This video was uploaded with direct permission from Tosaka of Serial-experiments-T, the main combo creator of this project.

combos and editing by Logical Illusion / Studio L

Nightwish – End of All Hope
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike OST

DVD info / jacket cover:

originally released in December, 2007

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