KoF XIV K’ CMV Blackout Edition by Dark Chaotix

New KoF game, new K’ combo video straight up!! KoF XIV is now upon us and its got heaps of hype during and post release for many reasons, but combos wasn’t really one of them. SNK went the route of “easier combo system” thus making combo ideas fairly limited. No more cancelling special moves into another or super dazzling execution combos, just pure damage!

K’ has some new tricks and lost a few. Without getting into too much detail, missing his air qcb+B/D (which was an anywhere juggle move) lost his ability to continue combos after DM’s or adding air attacks. K’ does has some flashy stuff in this game and damage is on his side.

Hope you enjoy!

The chase down at 1:08, Triple maxmode combo at 1:27, Fan interrupt combo at 2:18 and 100% combo at 2:35

combos and editing by Dark Chaotix

soundtrack: KD-0084 – KoF 2k OST

released on September 2nd, 2016

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