USFIV: “Last Goodbye” by Doopliss

So this is it, this is the end. In just over a month SFV will be released, and the era of SFIV will be over. I’ve had a blast working with this game, it’s hard to believe it’s finally over. I want to thank everyone watching this, everyone subscribed to my channel, and everyone who made the game what it is today for this marvelous time!

Decapre corner-to-corner at 0:52, Rose mid-combo Super at 2:06, Adon getting 3-hit combo’d in his own combo at 2:50, Guile U1 link at 3:36, Dee Jay LK Sobat to U2 at 6:01.

Combos and editing by Doopliss.

Released today, January 5, 2016


Intro – The intro consists of 8 combos created to sync with the music. I calculated that the song had one beat roughly every 42 frames, with the 4th and 8th combo having one extra hit 21 frames before what’s the 1st note in the other combos. The issue with this is that most grounded moves do not have enough hitstun for this tempo, and the Focus Attack tends to be a tad too slow with all its hitstop and the dash, so that’s why it’s mostly juggles. Some quick notes about the combos: C.Viper uses meterless FADC to dash out of the EX Seismo (Which is performed by Super Jump Cancelling into FA). In the Gouken combo I use Seth’s j.d.MK to bring his hurtbox down, allowing the projectile to hit him that high up (Might be unneccesary, didn’t check tbh). For Seth’s 2nd combo, counterhit cl.HP comboes into EX Tanden, and then I had to hit sweep on the last possible frame to stay on beat. It’s only a 2-hit combo since EX Tanden deals 0 damage and 0 damage hits do not add to the combo counter.

0:16 – This is an evolution of my Akuma combo in “Gotta Patch ‘Em All!”. In this version, I started with two air fireballs to keep the stun down, then I spaced myself so that s.HK hit meaty on the 2nd hit, allowing me to link s.HP (This was based on the hit-animation Abel went into form the 1st hit, which in turn depended on how he reacted to the previous hit, meaning it took a lot of trial and error). In the start you can see Abel crouch briefly, that’s to make sure his standing animation doesn’t move him out of range for the first projectile.

0:52 – In this combo I use E.Honda’s crouching medium attack reelback to bounce him off Decapre’s U1, while I walk or dash forward with Decapre to keep his main body out of the projectile while hitting him to keep the combo going. You can jump cancel EX Break after charging for Spiral Arrow, and then quickly input the rest of the move, allowing you to combo it in this fashion.

1:08 – Here’s a Dhalsim combo following the same concept as the Decapre combo before it. Dhalsim’s U1 has fewer hits, but it also has more hitstun per hit, allowing for some very slow moves to connect, like his air drills. I then use an EX Yoga Fire, that gets spaced out because of Honda’s reeling animation, to set up for a meaty c.MK slide, which combos into s.LP. Finally I use the KO to be able to juggle EX Yoga Blast after b.MK, which would otherwise cause a reset.

1:21 – Large characters tend to get hit in this way by Honda’s HP HHS, allowing him to link multiple in a row. Hugo is not the optimal dummy for this, but the main focus of this combo is the juggle possibility after Sumo Splash. You have 9 frames to juggle with something, which allows you to land EX Headbutt and EX Splash. Sadly U1 starts up in 10 frames. I messed around with several characters, but couldn’t fine one that allowed you to juggle with U1.

1:35 – If Rufus juggles Poison, he has enough time to juggle with U1 without FADCing, since she gains a lot of height and tends to land later after high launches. Oh Poison, how I love your wonky juggle properties. For some reason the post FA divekicks would miss/cause a reset sometimes when I ran this script, either it desynched or something messed up my spacing ever so slightly. I’ve noticed inconsistencies with EX Galactic Tornado before, so there might be some kind of random aspect to the move.

1:54 – Just an interesting juggle into super for Vega. Based on how it looks, one might think he could’ve comboed into it this way before they added the launcher hit to the rising part, but before then the move was a true grab, so you could never combo into it outside of stun or maybe FA trades.

2:06 – Way back, Eternal discovered a way to make the final hit(s) of Rose’s super to whiff on Sakura. I took this concept, applied some very specific spacing, and found this interesting combo featuring U2.

2:17 – Seth’s EX Tanden has a special propery. During its active frames, the Juggle Counter of a juggle opponent will be forced to 0, even if the move doesn’t connect. It shares this property with a few supers and ultras (Like Dhalsim’s Super, Fei Long’s Super and U1, and Gen’s Crane Super and U1), but to my knowledge its the only special move with the property. Anyhow, that’s how I could juggle into U1 from a Sonic Boom.

2:34 – Newsflash: Yun’s EX Palm deals a lot of damage and stun :P
On that note though, I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone combo into divekick this way. I used the following reset to land a meaty c.HP, finishing up with a small, meterless combo.

2:48 – I’ll just say it: Timing the moves during this combo was a nightmare. I just played around with the frames until I got it to work, since it insisted on hitting me 4 times after trading with the RFA, which wouldn’t give me enough U1 hits to trade with for the rest of the combo. That’s what you get for testing stuff by hand using training mode save states first I guess. I also hade to delay every move as much as possible for Decapre’s U1 to disappear before it could hit Adon during his own U1.

3:07 – It finally happened, Dan was able to combo into his super, fully scaled down to 10%, without using trades, FAs or stun. This is something I’ve been wanting to do since I made the “Super Weak” combo challenge back in 2011. For the super to land, I had to do a delay super cancel from his HP Koryuken (as in, cancelling it on the fery last frame, allowing hitstop to end one frame before the cancel occurs).

3:19 – I did mention Honda’s crouching medium reeling animation, right? Not only does it send his body back a lot, allowing projectiles to hit later than usual, it also moves him forward a lot during the end of it, allowing you to link a large amount of mediums in a row. The projectile after the reset is not a meaty, but if it’s blocked you can land j.HP or a crocuhing kick as a block string, acting as a 50/50 mix-up.

3:30 – I forgot to mention at 1:21, but LP Super is also 9 frames.

3:36 – If you can land a meaty s.LP, you can link into U1 with Guile. As long as you can find a good set-up for the meaty s.LP (Counterhit should work too), it’s actually quite low risk and easy to do by hand. If you do it too slow, the input leniency tends to ignore your U1 attempt and if you’re too fast, you’ll chain a s.LK. Works with both close and far s.LP.

3:55 – Rather simple Rose combo, I just felt like showing off how you could link U2 after EX Soul Spark in this situation. It’s kinda tricky to space the moves out for the 2nd orb to hit after the EX drill though.

4:06 – Ryu’s c.MP comboes into cl.HK, at least on crouching Sakura. He has to walk forward first though, since it seems like Sakura can’t simply walk him into the corner and crouch to end up point blank. The main point of the combo is to show off the dash-through that happens when you FADC the 2nd hit of cl.HK against crouching Sakura though. It’s possible to end this combo with “cl.HK, c.HK” instead of U2, but it felt kinda underwhelming, and required a jump-in instead of the CH c.MP.

4:17 – Here’s another, kinda silly Decapre trade combo. if you crumple Decapre, you’re in the perfect position to set up for a meaty LP SRK follow-up, allowing you to restand her with EX Tanden afterwards. Linking c.MK after the Hyakuretsukyaku trade is the tightest link I’ve ever done in a Decapre U1 trade combo, definitely a 1f timing.

4:41 – Similar to the combo at 1:54, but if you juggle with the first hit of LP RCF instead of the 2nd one, you won’t be able to reach them with the grab Super, and have to rely on the normal claw version instead.

4:48 – I trade a 6-hit Gouken U2 with Balrog’s lv.8 TAP, building back anouther U2. This, like all other combos in this video, was recorded using a Tool Assisted Scrpit, but I had to mash the buttons manually for the 2nd Ultra since I didn’t feel like simulating crazy mashing for 100 frames in the script. That’s… Also why my mouse appears at this time, mashed so hard my desk shook and the mouse reacted, annoyingly I didn’t notice until after uploading the video. This is the first combo I came up with for this video, roughly one year ago.

5:10 – I noticed Yun’s far s.Hk has less recovery than the close version, and figured out you could juggle U1 off of it. I also wanted to show off two more things: 1: That you can combo into super off of a juggled-into U1 (I don’t think I’ve ever seen that). 2: The fact that the cl.LP xx LK target combo causes a reset during Geneijin. I also discovered something weird: If you try to do the super too soon after U1, you’ll get a special move instead. It seems there might be some kind of cancel window there that allows specials, but not super, or more specifically QCF+P and DP+K (Should’ve gotten DP+P with my super input, but got QCF+P instead, and got DP+K when experimenting with kara cancelling s.MK).

5:30 – This is probably the least technically advanced combo in the video, I just thought it looked neat. Everything’s self-explanatory if you understand frame data and crouching Honda. Oh, I guess it’s worth mentioning you need really strict spacing for the 1st EX Gadoken to get spaced out, you need to be as far away as possible while still staying in combo range, which is why I use cl.LP after the FADC, it has more pushback.

5:46 – More Poison juggle shenanigans. I don’t think other characters can be rejuggled by c.HP in the corner like that, they usually require that you’re a bit away from them from my experience (Or maybe I just never had tool assistance to verify it before :P )

6:01 – Yes, you saw that right. Using tool assisted charge shenanigans, Dee Jay can in fact juggle into U2 from LK Sobat, even midscreen. I could only get it to work on Dhalsim though. Another interesting note: the cl.LK, cl.MK link required me to wait for one frame to press MK, otherwise I got far s.MK.

The songs used are from the PC indie game Undertale. If you have played the game but haven’t heard these themes yet, then DO NOT LOOK THEM UP! The same goes if you’re curious about ever trying the game.
Undertale – Hopes and Dreams
Undertale – SAVE the World
Undertale – Last Goodbye

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  1. Pokey86 says:

    That Gouken combo was shit hot.

    The CV as a whole is exceptional, but i particularly liked that one. I’m amazed we haven’t seen a combo from an air Tatsu sooner than this tbh

    • Doopliss says:

      It’s weird, I was fishing for that one ages ago, but then I just found one that worked. I think I just never tried it again after the start-up buff of super XD

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