USFIV: “Gotta Patch ‘Em All!” by Doopliss

Ultra Street Fighter IV brought several new combo mechanics and balance changes. This video contains some examples of what every previously existing character can do thanks to these additions.

Akuma stuns Abel at 1:21, Dhalsim doesn’t care about pushback at 5:21, E.Honda walking EX Hands at 5:44, Gen stun combos at 7:17, Ibuki U1 shenanigans starting at 9:50, Ryu mid-juggle double dash at 13:14, T.Hawk LK Spire combos at 14:26, Yang jumping around at 15:08.

combos and editing by Doopliss


0:07 – A meaty s.LP setup, normally used for Step Kick infinites, allows c.MP to link afterwards.

0:21 – Counterhit lv.2 FA followed by a neutral jumping normal is the perfect meaty set up for HP CoD, which allows me to show off Abel’s new +5 on hit 2nd Low.

0:33 – Since I reloaded a save state from right after activating Decapre’s U1, some soundclips are missing. The c.HP after the first trade needs to be delayed slightly for the LP CoD to trade. You also need to wait after trading the c.HP later in the combo before you do f.MK, otherwise you’ll be too close to the ball. The six trades helps Abel build back a 5th bar used for the FADC in the end of the combo. c.HP xx LK Roll, U1 is really strict, probably 1f and character specific.

0:53 – Hugo is so big that nj.MK to air JK works just fine even when he’s crouching or after lv.2 FA. The higher launch on 2nd hit LK RJ allows Adon to reset with cl.HK on several characters.

1:01 – Adon counterhits T.Hawk’s far s.HK with c.MP to make LK RJ hit later than normally possible, allowing him to jugge with U2. Thanks to Seratna for the tip of using T.Hawk.

1:10 – With his faster EX shaku and cancellable far s.HP, Akuma’s stun output has shot through the roof. You can also combo HP shaku after EX Shaku point blank or in the corner, but it might be character specific.

1:21 – This combo took me like 7 hours to record. In order to keep the right spacing while doing the triple far s.HP to EX air fireball I used HK Demon flip, and I also walked for a while after each EX air Fireball. This has a lot of spacing leniency, which could make it viable in real matches against Abel if you practice it enough. Thanks to Desk for showing that Abel is a good dummy for these kind of combos.

1:41 – I use lv.4 TAP in the end to show that it charges faster now. It also transitions nicely into the next combo where…

1:50 – Lv.4 TAP has more hitstun than the others, allowing you to FADC from it and keep comboing. In USFIV Balrog has a new U1 juggle, that deals more damage than before. His “Say goodnight, chump!”-voice clip disappears from the ultra randomly for some reason. Thanks to Jav1ts for bringing this to my attention.

2:01 – You can combo TAP into EX RFA on Sagat. The rest of the combo is pretty straight-forward, but you can see the new U1 ender at the, well, end.

2:11 – Despite the extra pushback, Blanka can do c.MKx3 on crouching M.Bison. This combo is also a prime example of the late-hitting HP Roll knocking down.

2:15 – Blanka’s dash got 1 frame faster, making him +4 after CH c.HP xx FADC.

2:22 – Tall character fall into Blanka’s lightning after a crumple, allowing him to juggle with U2. But Only Hugo gets hit by non-EX Lightning from what I know.

2:32 – Sadly LP Seismo is too slow to combo after EX RFA. But I still manage to show off her new df.HK.

2:39 – Showing off some new FADC combos as well as her faster U2. El Fuerte seems to be the only one that gets hit by cl.MPx2, c.MP.

2:52 – Pretty straight-forward EX RFA combo, except that you must delay the cancel to EX RFA slightly, or it will miss.

3:03 – you must walk forward after the last cl.HP to get cl.LP, which is needed to space the rest of the combo correctly so you can juggle after the LK SA at the end.

3:12 – Just showing that EX Kikoken to U2 is possible, although it might be Dhalsim specific from this close.

3:23 – when you cancel cl.HP into HK SBK, it has less recovery than normal, allowing you to juggle with Super. Only HK Super gets the final hit for some reason. Shoutouts to Eternal and Dantarion for their work discovering hidden changes like these.

3:32 – Hugo is tall enough to allow two Yosokyakus before the Target Combo, while still having enough time to land and continue the combo. This often crosses up though, which is cool, but it stopped me from doing the LP Kikoken, so I had to ignore it. Also, showing of the new U1 juggle properties.

3:47 – crouching Seth allows close variations to trigger from furhter away, allowing Cody to do two lights into cl.MK. After the FADC you can decide which side to end up on, just walk forward to cross up or stay still to not cross up.

3:53 – Seems Knife c.MP is the furthest reaching grounded Knife Move. The only other one that connected was s.MP, but it required quick activation or walking forward.

4:00 – Dan’s new “Saikyo Kick” has some silly hitboxes.

4:11 – CH s.HK is +5, allowing you to combo after it. You can also see the improved JP of U2 at the end…

4:20 – Which you can also see here. Thanks to Pepopulo for bringing this Super to U2 juggle to my attention. Seems to only work on T.Hawk.

4:34 – The c.HK to U2 is kinda wonky, you often get the sweep knockdown if you don’t time it just right, I think most characters can’t be hit by the launcher hit at all.

4:48 – Showing off the added hitstun to MK Sobat and his new far s.MP. If you buffer it well enough, you can land U1 against the opponent after a lv.2 FA crumple or EX RFA crumple before they fall down and get hit airborne.

4:59 – Either I suck, or the spacing for this combo is very specific for the U2 to land. Dhalsim’s b.MK is glitched so that it only deals 10% pushback against crouchers on hit, which I abuse here and in a later combo.

5:13 – I teleport behind Balrog, but the fireball pushes him back to my right side. Balrog, as well as other hunched over characters, make Dhalsim’s fireballs hit more meaty, giving him new combo options. You can also se his new EX Yoga Flame at the end of the combo.

5:21 – Here I abuse the b.MK glitch to the fullest. Dhalsim was the only dummy I tried this on that allowed the EX YF to hit meaty point blank, giving it the extra frame of advantage needed for b.MK and db.MP to coonnect after it.

5:28 – Some sweet links into EX RFA, then I finish it with f.HK to show it now has JP. Pretty straight forward, but if you try the combo without f.MK, the s.HK won’t reach it seems.

5:37 – Dudley’s rose now does 1 point of damage, making it the only projectile with a “light” knockdown type. This means it causes crumple on KO, which in turn allows you to grab post KO by initiating the grab right before the rose hits.

5:44 – For this combo to work, I walk forward for a while after the first mashed MP Hands, which means you need some tricky buffering since you have to carry the punch inputs from before you started walking to initialize the EX Hands. On T.Hawk, you can do c.LP xx Mashed MP hands, U1.

6:02 – To my knowledge, Poison is the only character that can get hit with Propeller Tortilla after lv.3 FA AND by the s.LK restand. Sadly nothing combos after the s.LK, so I used VS mode to at least get a QB.

6:12 – Run MK now has 1 more frame of advantage, allowing you to link c.MK afterwards.

6:18 – Both Run MK and lv.1/2 QB has enough hitstun to allow you to do FADC combos. This was pretty useless in AE2012, but now you can actually get something out of it other than a few lights and a medium.

6:24 – I was originally going to do a combo on Cody based on a meaty c.LP setup I found when playing around with some of TomSinister‘s E.Ryu setups. But it doesn’t seem to work anymore, and I couldn’t land a juggle after far s.MP xx HP, so I did this combo instead. it seems to me that the far MP version of the Target Combo has more recovery, but that might just be my imagination.

6:32 – here I use the meaty c.LP setup on Rufus to combo into E.Ryu’s now faster Sweep.

6:37 – This combo refuses to work on so many characters, mainly because the Flame Kick won’t connect. I was originally gonna do it on Cammy to show the improved hitbox of MK CW, but I ended up using Hugo instead, since he’s so “heavy” you can clearly see the improved launch on the 2nd U1 hit.

6:48 – Shoutouts to Snoooootch for discovering this exact meaty EX Flame Kick set-up before I had a chance to show it off myself!

7:02 – I have no idea if MP Hands to Mantis s.MK is charcter-specific, but it sure looks like it. Thanks to HK Gekiro being mashable now, you can whiff the final hit like you could with the EX version before, allowing you to use your Mantis Super in the same combo as you do 7-hit Gekiro to Crane U1.

7:17 – A huge thanks to Persona for Tool-Assisting this combo for me. At the start, Gen trade’s his Crane c.HP with Akuma’s c.LK, then he Kara cancels Mantis s.MK to Stance change, to allow the Crane c.MP to combo into the EX Roll, which was the only way I could find to stun Akuma with U2 in the end.

7:35 – This one is a little more straight-forward than the Abel one. Sometimes the Mantis s.MK before the Super would trade as well, and I’m not sure why. I use Crane c.MP to Oga to push Decapre out of the corner, so I can show lv.3 FA to Oga works midscreen as well (but it’s probably character-specific to some degree).

7:55 – Showing off Gouken’s new cancellable light combos. I don’t know if EX Tatsu xx FADC to Gohadoken is Poison specific, but I’ve never seen it before. Only works with EX Tatsu, it launches higher than the others.

8:02 – Showing off the improved c.MP, allowing it to combo into Gohadoken. Hugo is tall enough to be hit by both hits of uncharged EX Gohadoken, even after a cl.MP.

8:14 – c.MP is also +3 on hit now, which allos it to combo into c.LP, which now has a 3f start-up. It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

8:25 – Hugo is the only one I’ve ever been able to land Guile’s forward airthrow on from a non-traded crumple. It gives you ample time to put your glasses on.

8:29 – He also gets hit by Lv.2 FA/EX RFA to back airthrow.

8:35 – U1 might be too slow to combo from a light normally, but you can at least do meaty cl.LP to U1 now.

8:48 – Guy can now link far s.HP to far s.HK. You need to walk forward quite a bit after the crumple for it to reach though.

8:54 – Here I cancel f.MP’s start-up with EX RFA for a double crumple combo. This is extremely hard to do, since you have to press MP, release it, then pres LP+MP+MK within a few frames. I also show off the improved Run HK hitboxes.

9:01 – I do CH cl.HK, walk forward cl.HP xx EX RFA because I can. df.HK is now fast enough to combo after cl.HK, upping Guy’s stun output quite a bit.

9:19 – f.MP has more hitstun now, allowing it to combo into EX FA on counterhit. This gives Hakan some new, interesting dash cancel combos.

9:23 – s.MP now combos into itself. Up to four times on DeeJay. I dash after the jump-in to get as close as possible.

9:26 – Once again I dsh after the jump-in to get close. f.LK has a lot of hitstun, which allowed it to combo into s.HP in the 9:19 combo, as well as the now special cancellable c.MP here.

9:32 – CH f.MP also combos into EX RFA. I cancel my backdash with s.LK to be able to jump sooner, allowing me to land j.MP (Probably Hugo-specific).

9:46 – Raida now has more JP. Not much more to say really.

9:51 – You need to be as far away as possible for U1 to hit delayed enough to allow you to dash into f.LK. if you’re a little closer, you can do EX Neck Breaker instead.

9:58 – j.LP xx f.HP combos into far s.HP, but you can probably only space that correctly by jumping backwards in the corner. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. I got lucky with the EX Kunai, if you do it too soon you miss the last hit of U1.

10:06 – I used save states to make E.Honda block the first part of the U1 while the last hit connected as late as possible. In combination with a counterhit this allows ibuki to dash in into far s.HP. Backhand punch can be jump-cancelled into a Kunai to continue your combo, just like c.HP. It’s hard to do with a super stocked though, so I wasted some meter so I would get the super after the Kunai was performed, making it a lot easier.

10:15 – A simple U1 combo to show that you can juggle after EX 2nd Impact without doing 3rd Strike for the wallbounce. I though you could then cancel cl.HP to EX Pinwheel, but it seems only MKHK EX Fuhajin combos after it.

10:27 – Kara EX Air Tatsu can hit Hugo 4 times when he’s standing. Then I do a simple EX RFA combo into his now AGAIN comboable c.HK. When will they make up their minds about this move?

10:32 – A simple combo showing of his improved far s.MP and EX RFA.

10:44 – Hugo needs to crouch for this to work for some reason. This combo shows off that Hell Attack also causes float, and that Psycho Crusher has JP.

10:52 – Makoto is +3 after MP Hayate xx FADC. This means she can only link f.LP afterwards. Previously this didn’t leed to anything, but now you can do EX Fukiage combos from it. EX Orochi has more JP now.

11:04 – Lv.3 Hayate is positive enough to link afterwards. After the U2 I use HP Fukiage to cross under E.Honda. Inputting is is tricky, I held the stick down+right, then moved it to down+left when Honda flew over me.

11:15 – Air U1 used to be too slow to combo from lv.2 FA crumple. Not anymore.

11:24 – Rose, like Blanka, got a faster forward dash. This allows her to FADC Soul Spark into cl.MP or cl.HP. You can also see that Soul Spiral has JP now.

11:35 – After activating U2, I absorb the 2nd hit of Honda’s LP Super with perfect Red Focus (Shoutouts to Desk for finding that), giving me a new Ultra, which I use to juggle after my U2 with U1.

11:50 – Poison is a nice juggle dummy. LK Messiah kick + Follow-up has A LOT of juggle potential, you can even juggle EX Messiah and then FADC into LK messiah.

12:02 – Using MP Snake Strike mid-combo was the first combo idea I had for USFIV, which I came up with as soon as I saw Hugo was in. Here I hit his far s.MP from REALLY far out, which would make EX GT whiff if I didn’t focus cancel it. Sometimes the FA couldn’t reach Hugo in this situation, and I’m not sure why. walk forward far s.HK is pretty strict for it to hit from this range.

12:11 – Posion is a REALLY nice juggle dummy.

12:24 – You need to walk forward fir quite some time before U2 for it to hit here.

12:36 – If you space out the hits of EX SRK enough, you can juggle after it now, since the first hit causes float.

12:44 – Dhalsim was the only character I could land the U1 on after this combo. Welcome to the Metsu Hadoken-section of this video.

12:54 – If you space out the hits of EX SRK enough, you can juggle after it now, since the first hit causes float.

13:04 – The new air EX Tatsu is nice, but it makes your Ultra pathetic. I need to use jb.MP here to avoide crossing under the opponent.

13:14 – if you hit Poison with LP Super as late as possible after cross-up tatsu, she bounces off it twice in this fashion. This gives you enough time to dash twice before doing U1. This marks the end of the Metsu Hadoken-section.

13:23 – Like with Guy, I kara cancel into EX RFA for a second crumple. Here I use f.HK though, which is a lot easier to do since you don’t have to release and repress the button like with Guy.

13:30 – A simple EX RFA combo showin off some interesting links, cancellable cl.LK, and the improved U1 corner juggle.

13:43 – I swear you could do cl.HP instead of the 2nd cl.MK in AE2012, but that causes the 2nd c.HP to whiff now. After a crumple, you have time to walk back and do far s.HP if you wish.

13:57 – This juggle is painfully hard. Both the 2nd Sakura otoshi and the U2 are frame-perfect. Probably only works on Rufus, thanks to his huge vertical hitbox when juggled.

14:07 – Shoutouts to Sarif2soon for finding this meaty s.LP set-up, allowing me to link c.HK.

14:13 – Just showing off some new c.MP links. The wall jump to divekick works in AE2012 as well, but I never saw anyone do it.

14:21 – You CAN actually combo after EX Tomahawk xx FADC… Yaaaaay.

14:26 – Poison is a very nice dummy for mid-combo meaty LK Spires. the spacing for this combo is REALLY specific if you want the LP Tomahawk in the end.

14:30 – I think I trade with the 2nd active frame of the lv.3 RFA, since it didn’t absorb the s.LP. Poison is probably the only character that doesn’t require super-specific spacing for meaty LK Spire combos.

14:37 – EX RCF got more recovery, but more hitstun to compensate. This allows Vega to combo it into EX lv.2 FA.

14:47 – I don’t know if the FA to LP RCF worked before, or if it’s new thanks to the new, lower charge time for it. you can also see the improved cl.MK in action here.

14:54 – c.MK has A LOT of pushback, I could only land this on crouching Abel.

15:01 – Abel’s legendary hurtboxes live up to their reputation. Seems you never needed to jump cancel cl.MK into wiffed divekick to combo into U1, a well-timed dash works just as well.

15:09 – Hugo’s huge stature allows some fun jumping combos with Yang during Super. The timing of the j.MKs are really strict. if you time it wrong, you only get 1 hit or you get blocked.

15:26 – Pretty straight-forward EX RFA combo. Meaty LK Upkicks are nice though. I don’t knwo how easy that is to set up on other characters.

15:40 – CH c.HP actually combos into EX RFA, but only CH. The inproved speeds of his Green Hands allows him to do LP to EX GH after crumple, at least on Dhalsim.

15:45 – A stun combo showing off cl.MK’s improved advantage, and cl.LK’s cancelability. You need to walk forward after the headbutt for cl.MK to come out.

16:02 – You need to walk forward after the headbutt for cl.MK to come out after the c.LK. you need to land j.HP late, so you get far s.MP after the cl.LP. For the EX RFA to land, you need to hold it for a few frames. By not dash cancelling the EX RFA, it’s easier to time U2 so that it connects.

16:40 – BONUS! Elena’s HK Lynx Tail has so much hitstun that, when you trade it, you have time to link her slow f.MP overhead. After Super you’re 100% safe to heal a small amount using U2, at least midscreen.

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Hyper SFII “The Starting over” – Cammy
Hyper SFII “The Starting over” – Guile
Hyper SFII “The Starting over” – Sagat

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