style exhibition v.three (Evo2k14 Edition)

Our community project for Evo2k14 is the follow-up to last year’s style exhibition v.two, screened at TFC2k13. Volume 3 features numerous veterans, many new faces, and several new fighting games! A total of nineteen combo makers collaborated on this video and it grew into a full ten minutes of creative and original combos, with a central emphasis on stylish gameplay.

All of these combos follow standard meter restrictions and were performed under default damage settings. Many of them were tool-assisted via programmable controllers or emulator scripting. Absolutely no gameplay-altering hacks, cheats, or devices were used in the making of these clips.

combos by Bamsama, Battousai, Bob Sagat, CaptYadier, Combonauts, Doopliss, HarlequinRogue, ihate_00, Maj, Mienaikage, pepopulo, Persona, Phoenix, ProjectSeoul, psxsquall, Ryukenden, SofaKingAC, TomSinister, and Wolverine-Master

edited by Maj

SoR2 OST – Go Straight
SoR2 OST – Under Logic
KoFXII OST – Theme of XII 2, Ver. 1
SoR2 OST – Dreamer


0:02 MSF Ken / KoF2k2 Leona / VS Victor / SSF2T Fei Long varied chain sequence kicks off the video in similar fashion to the style v.two intro.

0:20 COTA Sentinel fights Psylocke in both directions due to her Ninjutsu special allowing her to switch sides during hitstun. The combo ends with Sentinel’s sj.D+HP, a unique body splash that was removed in later games, causing an OTG dizzy.

0:34 CvS2 S-Honda’s K dodge attack is pretty much identical to his close s.MK, except less commonly used in combos. It counterhits Dhalsim’s whiff s.HP, adding enough hitstun to allow a combo after whiffing HP Ooichou Nage.

0:37 KoF2k2 Angel exploits a famous Joe bug, where a “ghost box” appears near the end of his light hitstun that belongs to the move he did previous to getting hit. It is therefore possible to make a box appear that is counter-hittable. Because it appears later in the animation, Angel can land a mid-combo meaty with s.A which counts as a counterhit, allowing s.C to link from it. With the screen lock glitch active, knockback is reduced – allowing Angel to run forward and continue the combo. Fun fact: Joe’s ghost box bug has not been removed in KoF2k2UM!

0:43 SSF2T Akuma’s first combo is borrowed from TZW, but moved as far out of the corner as possible and given a more stylish dizzy ender. The post-dizzy finisher features a mid-combo whiff s.LP – and is about as interesting as it can be without juggles, which don’t reset during dizzies!

0:51 SFA3 V-Cody uses perfectly timed normals and specials to avoid neutral state inbetween knife throws. Classic Mode Sodom would become invincible if the juggle were to become air techable at any point. The crouch cancel sequence at the end can be extended indefinitely, but it’s ended early to avoid repetition.

1:04 COTA Wolverine can cancel all of his kicks into punches, which means he can extend combos by canceling medium and heavy kicks into light punches. He also employs various mid-air chain kara-cancels to alter his jump trajectories, nearly turning into a triangle jump character.

1:25 CFE Guy styles on a dinosaur! Custom Combos have a lot of potential for style in Capcom Fighting Evolution, but the meter drains surprisingly fast and the challenge is further complicated by turbo speed frameskip and superfreeze randomness.

1:35 CvS2 A-Kyo uses every frame of the Custom Combo timer. Most of this stuff isn’t supposed to work midscreen, so there’s all kinds of roll-canceling going on for kara movement. There are four OTG hits: LP ground pound at 1:40, c.LK at 1:41, c.LK at 1:14, and HK RED Kick at 1:45 (which is initiated on the last frame before CC meter expires and connects out of CC to dizzy Blanka). Backward sj.D+HP is pretty stylish.

1:50 SF4V Ken’s EX air Tatsumaki Senpukyaku can hit Zangief’s tall hurtbox on the way up in Street Fighter IV Volt, allowing him to use it mid-combo, even as a crossup.

1:58 SF4V Chun Li is able to loop her j.D+MK headstomp twice, due to Zangief’s height and the increased hitstun on Chun’s j.HP->HP target combo in Volt.

2:20 SF4V Akuma’s Demon Palm and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku normally knock opponents down. However, landing a knockdown move on the same frame as a projectile keep the opponent standing in SF4 Volt.

2:42 RBFF2 Krauser’s Low Plane Attack normally knocks down, but not if it hits meaty. From there, Krauser uses as many Blitz Ball Fake cancels as possible, which means this combo is optimized to work against crouching Krauser only. There’s a lot of walking forward for one frame during that sequence! Unfortunately, Leg Tomahawk is literally the only move that’ll connect at the end. Since it doesn’t knock down, the other Krauser gets to have a little payback.

2:57 SM2 Haggar’s taunt at the beginning gives him a damage boost. Haggar switches between standing and crouching light buttons, using meaty dashing LP attacks to close gaps. After the dizzy, he hits facing backwards and meaty with his famous Lariat, giving him time to connect more dashing LPs into Spinning Piledriver.

3:11 KoF2k2 Yamazaki once again exploits Joe’s “ghost box” bug. This time, Joe’s last move was a series of block moves, bringing him to the verge of a guard crush. When he is then hit by Yamazaki, his head is able to “block” attacks during hitstun, but as he has no guard gauge left, he is guard crushed in the middle of the combo. Despite it normally being impossible to be guard crushed in the middle of a combo, the engine registers a combo, which is funny because many legitimate non-bugged combos break the combo counter in King of Fighters.

3:21 SS5 Genjuro needs to mediate enough for the whole three rounds to build enough Mo no Kyouchi meter. Then it’s about being late with the jump AB to start, and timing the last to QCF+Ax2 exactly right to end the ‘Mo no Kyouchi’ state at the appropriate time to finish with QCF+Ax3.

3:44 COTA Magneto is only selectable on the console versions and through emulator codes. He was extremely overpowered as a boss character, with many special moves in place of his normal moves – allowing them to be canceled into each other.

4:13 JJBA Hol Horse shoots with D button and changes bullet’s direction 8 times, which is max number of times you can curve bullet. Bullet disappears after hitting opponent 10 times. After that, Hol Horse uses Hangman to stun Dio. He repeats that combo 4 times, then crosses over with ABC dash, then repeats D bullet, Hangman combo three times, then crosses over with ABC dash again. The last D bullet is set up to hit Dio and then circle behind him, in one place, so that when Hol Horse kicks him, Dio will be pushed into that circling bullet. Hangman again sets up an air D bullet, followed by QCB+AB Super. From corner, Hol Horse can set up another Hangman, QCB+AB Super (few times), shown twice and finished with QCF+AB Super. The combo counter registers 98 attacks, because two QCB+AB supers are not counted for some reason. Various bullet curving directions make the combo less dull, however the differences are usually subtle.

4:48 JJASB Hol Horse can make his bullets more powerful by pressing S, which is done before the combo so the jumping shot gets 2 hits, allowing the combo to continue while landing. The puddle placed by the Puttsun Canceled bottle is used to summon Hanged Man for a crumple. Once per round, a taunt can be used to restand the opponent if a projectile overlaps with where their hitbox will be when they get up. Wamuu was the only dummy that allowed the entire combo to land.

5:24 KoFXIII Hwa Jai “flies” from corner to corner doing air special moves while juggling Maxima in HD mode. Whiffing the last air special lands him before Maxima, continuing the combo and finishing with an SDM.

5:43 USF4 Adon can switch sides mid-combo thanks to Hugo’s big hurtbox and the forward movement of his MK Air Jaguar Kick. His EX Jaguar Tooth can cross up after a focus crumple with good positioning, setting up the combo into his ultra-2.

5:55 SFxT Asuka/Lei team up to beat up Ryu, starting with Asuka’s counterhit c.HP crumple into special attack dash cancel, followed by a crossup jump attack. She’s able to tag in Lei from her Falling Rain by pressing switch during its first active frame. Finally, activating Pandora after Asuka’s EX Falling Rain can set up a fast super with a lot of juggle potential, such as Lei’s Orchid Dance.

6:21 KoFXIII Elizabeth manages to combo three Grand Rafales, with a little help from Benimaru’s air attack interrupt. HD mode is used creatively to continue the midscreen juggle without showcasing familiar loops.

6:38 PASBR Kat performs two mid-combo air dashes, switching sides twice and rejumping thrice in the process. The juggle ends with an AP burst, totaling 145 AP.

6:45 PASBR Dante stylishly switches sides three times during a near-ground juggle, ending with a crossup air neutral Square finisher. He still manages to gain 162 AP from the sequence.

6:53 USF4 Ibuki’s ultra-1 can hit meaty enough to link her backhand attack with proper positioning, allowing her to cancel into EX Red Focus. Thanks to her walk speed buff, she can juggle a close s.HK after EX Tsumuji and finish with Raida due to its increased juggle potential.

7:01 USF4 Ryu can now juggle into multiple EX air Hurricane Kicks due to its increased juggle potential, provided the opponent is launched high enough and has a good hitbox that allows all hits to connect reliably.

7:08 KoFXIII Leona is actually quite restricted in regards to what she can combo into. However, the speed of her Grand Sabre Run allows her to perform multiple cross-unders in one combo.

7:15 KoFXIII Shen Woo swiftly switches sides at the seventh hit. He has enough time and HD meter to whiff a special move at the fourteenth hit, while still remaining able to continue the combo and deal 100% damage.

7:29 USF4 C.Viper performs a multi-trade combo by taking advantage of Decapre’s ultra-1 – a slow-moving, multi-hit projectile attack with very low hitstun. Viper’s LP and MP Super have a great deal of hitstun on the first hit, allowing her to stall for a while and then jump in to continue the combo a little further.

7:47 USF4 C.Viper can FADC her MP Thunder Knuckle and go right through crouching Cody. Thanks to an MP Thunder Knuckle buff in Ultra, Viper can cross through opponents multiple times in one combo. Also, the height restriction of her U2 has been reduced, allowing her to jump-cancel into it from most of her medium attacks.

7:56 UMvC3 Nova performs a lengthy air combo that only works on MODOK because of his unique body type – bouncing individually on the Gravimetric Pulse while ignoring hitstun completely.

8:20 KoFXIII Terry must forego the more damaging HD chain of close s.HK -> F+LP in favor of close s.HK -> DF+HP to save HD meter time. The third hit of Terry’s NeoMax must hit late, allowing more time to juggle into the later active frames of EX Burn Knuckle, which allows for the Crack Shoot followup.

8:36 SFA2 Ryu/Ken’s blocked Alpha Counters don’t inflict chip damage, so this is still a zero damage sequence. Using far reaching normals and some Alpha-series-only Ken acrobatics, both characters can launch attacks right in each other’s faces without getting hit.

8:44 SSF2T O.Ken/Ken enact a zero damage sequence based on the extreme forward movement of N.Ken’s “Funky Kicks” allowing him to evade his opponent’s attacks from close range – sometimes even clipping straight through to the other side. All of O.Ken’s Dragon Punches are completely invincible on the way up, which is why he doesn’t get hit by N.Ken’s super, which is also invincible until it stops being active.

8:48 KE Jyazu has lengthy hitstun on most of his normals and command normals, as befitting a mid-boss in an SNK game. All but one of them are used in this combo (because that one knocks down), along with all of his projectile specials. Due to spacing, the dummy falls out of the lightning kick and bounces off the final hit, giving Jyazu time to OTG with the tornado, which also causes the sound to bug out. Jyazu then goes into his special ninja technique: the Winpose of Champions.

9:20 UMvC3 Frank West’s zombies each have a buffered charge, which is rarely used in UMvC3. The snapshots inbetween the zombies are “just frame” and space-specific, (which is why the training stage was used). Frank can also buffer his charge during “Barrel Roll” since it’s a button command and moves forward on its own (seen twice in the combo).

9:44 UMvC3 Spencer performs four Bionic Arms in one combo, with help from Rocket Raccoon’s Mad Hopper traps and Sentinel’s drones. The style points come from starting the combo with Thor in the corner, taking him midscreen, then back to the corner.

debuted today, July 13th, 2014 at Evo2k14

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  1. Maj says:

    Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this video! Definitely a solid entry in one of my favorite combo video series. It was a blast working with all of you.

    Full transcript and explanations coming soon!

  2. anotak says:

    sick stuff, enjoyed it a lot

  3. Doopliss says:

    Indeed, great job everyone! It bothers me that the stream died in the middle though :/

  4. Maj says:

    Transcript is up, with explanations of every combo! Let me know if you notice any typos/errors, or if you have any questions.

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