SFA2 Combo Movie Vol#04 by Keiko and izumojin

Keiko’s latest Street Fighter Alpha 2 combo video is a collaboration with izumojin, and the result is absolutely astounding. It contains so many crazy setups and new discoveries that it’s impossible to keep count. The sheer amount of style on display within these ten minutes is off the charts! This is a definite must-watch for any oldschool Street Fighter player.

SFZ2A Rolento crossup knife at 0:17, Bison stomp extension at 0:55, Dhalsim midscreen craziness at 1:17, double Rolento teamwork at 2:00, Charlie double Flash Kick at 3:43, Rose shadow separation at 4:15, Rose reverse corner combo at 5:27, Rose reflect madness at 6:07, Adon corner cross juggle at 8:57, and Ryu/Ken Dramatic Battle combo at 9:35

if you like this video:
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combos Keiko and izumojin

edited by Magnetro

Xenoblade Chronicles – Vision Reacts, Unfinished Battle
M.U.S.H.A. Aleste – Full Metal Fighter
Thunder Force IV – Metal Squad

transcript and explanations:

released yesterday, April 6th, 2014

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3 Responses to SFA2 Combo Movie Vol#04 by Keiko and izumojin

  1. his1nightmare says:

    I agree with Maj’s comment.

    A crazy pleasure to watch it was.

  2. Bob Sagat says:

    How do you even list highlights for this one? One of the most insane vids ever.

  3. NKI says:

    I’m a bit late to the party, but good lord, this video is on another level. Much respect to Keiko and izumojin. Truly amazing stuff!

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