K-6 Presents Combo Vid No.8

Dedicated to everyone who still plays 3rd Strike, this 8-minute Urien video might might be the final chapter of rKf’s manually executed combos. Every clip is amazingly technical as always, and the Intermission segment is awesomely entertaining as always. It’s astounding how far Urien’s unblockable setups have advanced beyond their core function, to the point of pure style.

SF3:3S Urien hijacked tackle shadows at 0:41, Urien unblockable sweep dizzy at 2:25, super ground pound battle at 4:34, Urien solo volleyball at 4:40, Urien double Aegis construct at 5:58, Urien midscreen backdash spacing at 6:26, and Urien inventive Chun SA2 punish at 6:58

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combos and editing by rKf

soundtrack from:
SD Gundam 2 Capsule Senki
Kage: Shadow of the Ninja
Street Fighter 2010

transcript and explanations:

download site:

released today, January 13th, 2014

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  1. rKf says:

    Thanks Maj.
    I like your comments and I wouldn’t know the highlights of my own video so thanks.

    As always, dont know about the next one. 4 was supposed to be the last one. heh.

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