SF3:NG Tool-Assisted Combo Video by Ryukenden

This combo video was started sometime in 2011 but I took long breaks between making combos. First long break was when I realized I couldn’t find 100% combo for Sean and I just lost inspiration to continue. Next year (2012), I messed around with Sean against Oro and found out awesome 100% combo. That gave me inspiration to finish other combos as well. After that, I found out 100% combos for all other characters except Elena. She is only character for which I didn’t find out 100% combo and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have one. I tested a lot against Oro but her damn SA1 hits too many times which reduces stun damage. In 2013, I tried to edit it many times, but I had trouble. I didn’t do much about this cmv in 2013, but I got very determined to finish it few days before 2014, and I barely did it.

Combos and editing – Ryukenden

Five Fingers Death Punch – Canto 34
Brand X Music – Bring The Pain

Transcript here

Released: December 31st, 2013

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