KoF XIII: Takuma Sakazaki Combo Video by Persona

I won’t lie, this is probably the easiest character combo video I’ve done so far for the game. Takuma is quite a one dimensional character. His choices for ground combos or juggles are restricted to just a few options. Does that mean he’s terrible? Of course not! In fact, he does a lot of things many characters cannot. Some obvious things is that the majority of characters require HD mode in order to do severe damage. Takuma doesn’t need HD mode one bit. In fact, he shouldn’t even be going into HD mode since you gain meter while outside of HD mode which comes to the next thing Takuma is awesome at, gaining meter. He gains a ton of meter during his combos so it’s actually possible to start with less meter that the combo normally requires and still be able to do the full combo you are attempting.

combos and editing by Persona

soundtrack: KoFXIII OST – Kyokugen Training (Mountain Seclusion)

released today, October 8th, 2013

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