JoJo ASB: Multiple Character Combo Video #2 by Doopliss

This video has a lot more effort put into it than the last one. I’ve done my best to include as many different costumes, taunts, restands, and other kinds of odd combo extentions as possible.

Josuke Mound-fix combo at 1:24, Hol Horse Double HHA and Taunt “Restand” at 2:20, Lisa Lisa triple restand at 4:58, Will. A. Zeppeli 63214+S restand at 5:54, Old Joseph 63 hit, 5-bar combo at 6:14.

Combos and editing by Doopliss


Done in v.1.02.

Game-specific terminology:
Son=Stand On
Soff=Stand Off
PC=Puttsun Cancel
SR=Stand Rush
HHA=Heart Heat Attack
GHA=Great Heat Attack
HM=Hanged Man. With Hol Horse, press 214+A when the puddle is out from another 214+A.
MiH=Made in Heaven (Pucci’s ultimate form)
Hermes Sticker Restand=When Hermes allows a combo to continue by getting hit with her own stickers after a taunt.

Only the capcom JJBA-combos are tool-assisted, the ASB combos are manually executed.

0:08 – Combo #1:
-j.H xx 214+S, PC, 2L xx 2M xx 5H xx 236+S xx Mx2 xx PC, j.H, 5LMH xx 236+S xx Whiffed M xx 4S, Taunt.
-Lisa Lisa’s overhead finisher hits OTG, even though it’s not noted as an OTG in the movelist.

0:20 – Combo #2:
-(Soff 236+L), Soff j.Hx2, 5LMH xx 41236+A, 236+L, Taunt, GHA, Taunt.
-Long-ranged 236+L used to allow the 41236+L to combo. j.H still comes out after you land, allowing you to do it late enough to hit with another one and still be able to do a ground combo. 236+L taunt restand seems to have trouble working on anyone but Wham, but I have of course not tested it against everybody.

0:45 – Combo #3:
-(Blocked 236+Ax2) xx 214+A xx PC, 214+L xx 236+S (Mash), Taunt, HHA, Taunt.
-Hermes sticker restand used at long range with Dio’s HHA.

1:02 – Combo #4:
-Soff HHA, Son, 41236+H xx PC, Soff, 5LMH xx 6M xx 41236+S, Son, 41236+H xx PC, 5LMH xx 41236+M xx 6S (Mash), Dashx2, 41236+H
-All of Old Joseph’s knockdown moves are hard knockdowns, and most give him enough time to land a 41236+H OTG. This combo showcases some of the more useful ones.

1:24 – Combo #5:
-Soff j.H, 5LMH xx 6H xx 22A xx PC (7th hit), 2Lx2 xx 5H xx 6H xx PC, j.M, 5LM xx 6H xx 623+A xx 5LMH xx 6H xx 236+A xx HHA xx 236+A, Dash, 22A, Taunt
-By PCing 22A on the 7th hit, the dirt mound required for Soff 623+A appears while the opponent still remains standing. Soff 623+A is cancellable by anything, making it a good combo extender if the opponent is between Josuke and the dirt mound.

1:47 – Combo #6:
-Son 5LM xx 236+L xx 4 (Hold S) xx PC, 5LM xx 46M xx HHA, Taunt
-At the right distance, Narancia can use his “236+A xx 4(Hold S)” attack mid-combo. It can also combo after some of the other 236+A follow-ups.

1:55 – Combo #7:
-Distortion: Son j.H, walk forward, 5LMH xx 22A xx PC (after capsule break), 5L xx 1-hit 5H xx 63214+A xx PC (before it connects), 6L (does 5L and releases capsule from 63214+A) xx 6M, GHA, Taunt
-Son 63214+A only combos from 5H if you’re able to PC before it actually connects. The ground bounce is then carred by 5L and 6M, allowing him to end with GHA. Poison deals dfamage to Fuugo too, but it’s not visible in practice mode.

2:20 – Combo #8:
-j.H, 5LMH xx 214+A xx HHA (Mash), HM, Taunt, dash, 2L xx 5MH xx S xx 236+S, 2L xx 5M xx 214+M xx HHA (Mash), HM, Taunt.
-Never seen anyone use any of these set-ups for Hol Horse’s Hanged Man Taunt Restand. if you try to use Hanged Man twice in a combo, he produces a knockdown that the opponent will rise from very quickly, I wasn’t even able to add a 3rd taunt.

2:46 – Combo #9:
-j.H, 5LMH xx 214+2A, 5H xx 623+A xx PC, j.H, 5H xx 214+Ax2 xx PC, 5H xx 214+Ax2 xx HHA, Taunt.
-In Horned Mode, Wham’s j.H no longer has a slamming knockdown on airhit, allowing it to be used in juggles.

3:01 – Combo #10:
-j.LM, 2LM xx 5H xx 6H xx (236+A)x3 xx HHA, Taunt, GHA, Taunt.
-By making the HHA hit as late as possible, Dio can taunt before Hermes’ stickers break, allowing him to sticker restand her.

3:33 – Combo #11:
-Whitesnake Soff j.H, 2Lx3 xx 5LMH xx 6H xx 214+A xx PC, 5LM xx PC, Son, 2LM xx 5H xx 6H xx 41236+A, Taunt.
-This combo is done with a perfect corner angle, meaning the dummy will never move sideways. By PCing Soff 214+A, Pucci can carry the groundbounce with his other moves. 5M’s two hits gives enough height to allow him to turn his stand on. The Son-part of the combo is decided by chance, the corner juggle limit fluctuates, so sometimes it won’t work.

3:45 – Combo #12:
-j.H xx 236+S, Dash, 5LMH xx 6M xx 236+S xx PC, sj.H, 5LMH xx 214+M xx PC, 5LMH xx 6M xx 63214+S, nj.H xx 214+S, 5L xx 623+S, Taunt.
-Comboing with 5L after 214+S is really weird to do mid-combo, this is one of the few ways I found that works. 236+S has less hitstun now than it did in v.1.01, so it’s harder to use in combos.

4:03 – Combo #13:
-Son j.H, 5M xx 623+A xx SR, 5M xx 6H, GHA, (Taunt).
-Basic combo involving Son 623+A.

4:12 – Combo #14:
-(Son 623+A xx SR) Soff j.M, 5LM xx 6H xx PC, Son, (5LM xx 46+M, Dash)x2, 5LM xx 46+M, GHA, Taunt
-This loop can potentially be done more than three times with the right angle to the corner. Sadly, my tests are inconclusive since it’s pretty hard to do.

4:39 – Combo #15:
-Son j.H, 5LMH xx 214+M xx SR, j.L, 2Lx3 xx 2MH xx PC, 214+L (Hold), Taunt (release L), HHA, Taunt.
-With a short custom taunt, you can restand with the exploding part of Soff 214+A. Unlike most characters, Avdol can’t use medium attacks when his stand is out during Stand Rush. It should be able to restand after the HHA with “dash, 214+A xx PC, Taunt”, but I never managed to do it.

4:58 – Combo #16:
-j.H, 5LMH xx 236+S xx H xx 6A xx PC, 5MH xx 236+A xx L xx 6S xx PC, 5MH xx 236+S xx L xx 6S, Taunt.
-Lisa Lisa’s 6S finisher (as well as the 6A finisher and 236+S when the crumple of the combo has already been used) produces a weird knockdown that can be restanded before the opponent lands. With 236+S you can use this to restand with the L follow-up, but it’s really hard to time. I originally did the combo on Wham, but after several hours of failing the L follow-up in the end (Which I’ve been able to do by itself on him), I switched to Johnny, who seems to give it a more lenient timing.

5:10 – Combo #17:
-Rage Mode: Soff 5LMHx4 xx 5H xx 6H xx 22A, 3M xx 623+A xx HHA, Dash, Son, 214+L xx PC, Taunt, 5LMH xx 3H xx 236+H, Taunt.
-Rage mode 3M can be cancelled into various specials. I intended to cancel into 236+A, but the follow-up combo is really tight, so I settled with 623+A even though it doesn’t connect, since it still loooks kinda nice. The timing from activating your stand to taunting after the HHA is really strict, probably only a few frames of leniency in total. I was originally going to add “Son 623+L, 2L” between the 3H and 236+H in the end, but the juggle limit kicked in in the corner, and it doesn’t seem to reach midscreen.

5:38 – Combo #18:
-j.H, 2Lx2 xx 5MH xx 6H xx 214+2A, 6H xx 236+H xx PC, 623+A xx PC, j.H, 5M xx 236+M xx HHA, Taunt.
-because of the properties of groundbounces, 236+H is an excellent move to use after 6H in Horned Mode.

5:54 – Combo #19:
-j.H, 5LMH xx 6M xx 236+S xx PC, nsj.214+S, 5L xx whiff H xx 63214+S, jb.6S xx j.H xx 236+H, Dash, 5LMH xx 214+S xx HHA, walk back, Taunt.
-Here’s another situation where you can combo from 214+S. By whiffing 5H, you get close enough to combo 63214+S for a restand. j.236+H can be followed up by dashing into 5L if done in the right situation.

6:14 – Combo #20:
-(Soff 63214+A), Son 2H, 41236+H, (j.H, 2Lx(1~3) xx 5LMH xx 41236+L, 41236+H xx PC)x5, j.H, 2Lx2 xx 5LMH xx 41236+M xx 6S, Dash, 41236+H (Taunt).
-Placing the tar-pool between Old Joseph and the opponent gives him a free combo after Son 41236+H. The loop used builds back half a bar per repetition, allowing him to gain two extra bars during the duration of the combo, which is why he can PC five times. 41236+L rarely connect on standing opponents without a stand activated. The only ones I know it works on are Joseph and Wham, and with Wham you have to delay the cancel for it to work.

7:03 – Combo #21:
-MiH Soff 236+Lx7, Taunt (last disc hits), Taunt x6.
-MiH causes an untechable knockdown at 7 hits to prevent infinites. This knockdown triggers Hermes’ stickers to detonate. If you let them detonate while she’s still laying down, she won’t get up when you taunt, allowing you to taunt multiple times. Normal characters can get three taunts, but MiH Pucci can get six. For some reason not all of them removes meter though, probably because they happen too fast in succession.

Capcom combos:

Since I can’t remember the exact inputs for the moves, I’ll just explain interesting things with words.

7:40: Capcom Combo #1:
-When timed correctly, you can use the world to land a jump-in and then continue with a combo. Shadow Dio’s normal crouch cancel into 5H is used, but with some walking forward inbetween jabs for extra range. Stand Crash gives enough time to combo into Super.

7:48: Capcom Combo #2:
-Old Joseph runs into Young Joseph to make the Crossbow shots hit in the right way to fill the holes in his Cracker rekka and then end with a jab combo into dashing 2M into Super.

7:59: Capcom Combo #3:
-This is a variant of the Robber Soul combo used in our Stylish Exhibition v.2. After the Stand Crash, I whiff a dashing 5L to get close enough to combo Dashing 2L into his 360+A Super. The grab doesn’t show up on the combo counter, but you can see it’s a combo since it’s damage is heavily scaled.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – All-Star Battle: LISA LISA (Lisa Lisa’s theme)
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – All-Star Battle: Volare Via! (Narancia’s theme)
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – All-Star Battle: Dawn of Destiny (Pucci’s theme)
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – All-Star Battle: Golden Spirit (Josuke’s theme)
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – All-Star Battle: Lovable Guy (Old Joseph’s theme)
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Capcom fighter): Pet Shop’s theme

Released on October 1st, 2013

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