PASBR style exhibition

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale hits store shelves today! While everyone’s looking for practical strategies with their favorite characters, we thought we’d show you some widly impractical combos – purely for the sake of style! One combo is included for each character, so no one is left out. As an added bonus, you can see all twenty pre-order costumes in action!

PASBR Fat Princess triple assist frenzy at 0:51, Radec air combo assault at 1:04, Sly Cooper double counter craziness at 1:23, Cole full-stage eject follow-up at 1:30, Sackgirl minefield teleport drop at 2:04, and Toro quadruple transformation at 2:34

All of these combos are performed by hand and some aren’t even that hard to execute. What makes them impractical is that nearly all of them require very specific conditions which just aren’t likely to arise in normal matches. But if your opponent likes standing at just the right distance from a wall, under a platform with a mine on it – by all means, style on ’em!

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combos by Maj

edited by ShaperofStories


0:23 Kratos whiff j.Square -> j.Square, Square -> Square -> whiff DB+Square -> D+Square, Square -> Square -> D+Square, j.Square -> j.Square, U+Square -> j.D+Triangle, F+Square
Kratos has tons of combo options with his Square chains, but his D+Triangle hammer has far too much startup to combo under normal circumstances. Fortunately, the left platform in San Francisco is the perfect height to match Kratos’ U+Square launcher jump, allowing him to bypass most of j.D+Triangle’s startup. It’s still tricky because the opponent has to be elevated above a certain height to avoid landing on the platform. An easier version of this combo is Square -> Square -> D+Square, Square -> Square -> U+Square -> j.D+Triangle -> F+Square.

0:32 Sweet Tooth F+Circle, j.Square, D+Square, F+Square (D+Circle connects), j.U+Triangle, j.F+Triangle
Sweet Tooth isn’t a combo specialist by any stretch, but his D+Circle mine certainly makes things interesting – especially when combined with his U+Triangle machete toss, which descends at a shallow angle. This combo works because Sweet Tooth’s F+Square shoulder tackle launches opponents at a low height, making them fall all the way to the ground. Timing-wise, the only difficult part is the F+Circle to j.Square link at the beginning.

0:38 Parappa U+Square (hold) -> whiff j.D+Square, U+Square (hold) -> j.F+Triangle, U+Square (hold) -> double-jump, Circle -> Square -> Square
Parappa’s U+Square causes a full launch when the Square button is held, and his j.D+Square divekick races past opponents on the way down. The Dreamscape platforms help Parappa climb higher, to keep pace with his perpetually rising opponent. In fact, the tree branch acts as a rising platform by swinging up after the first uppercut takes both characters off of it.

0:43 Spike D+Circle, j.F+Square, D+Square, D+Triangle, U+Square -> Square, D+Triangle, Square -> Square -> Square
Spike’s D+Circle monkey causes just enough hit stun to connect his j.F+Square dive attack. His U+Square combo ends in a horizontal eject, which is as perfect for creating wall bounce setups as his D+Triangle shock projectile is for taking advantage of them.

0:51 Fat Princess j.F+Circle, Square (hold), Circle, D+Square, Square (fireball connects), j.Circle, double-jump, j.Triangle (fireball connects)
Fat Princess is an advanced combo beast, thanks to her extremely versatile Circle button assists. Normally such a slow projectile wouldn’t be too useful in midscreen combos, but the fact that Fat Princess herself pays essentially zero recovery for summoning it allows her to fill in the blanks with melee attacks herself! The key to this combo is using the wall to make the last projectile explode early, which requires good timing and perfect spacing.

0:57 Evil Cole Circle (full charge), D+Square, F+Square -> Triangle, j.F+Square -> j.F+Triangle, j.F+Circle
Evil Cole’s moveset is dramatically different from Hero Cole’s in many obvious ways, such as his Circle button producing fire attacks instead of ice-based moves and his lvl2/lvl3 supers being completely different. But their “shared” moves also have countless subtle differences, such as Evil Cole’s F+Square -> Triangle grind shoulder causing a diagonal eject whereas Hero Cole’s causes a vertical launch. In this case, it’s used as a wall bounce setup for Evil Cole’s j.F+Square tether, which is an excellent mid-combo building block.

1:04 Radec RS-U, j.Square -> j.Square, double-jump, j.Square -> j.Square, j.U+Square, j.U+Triangle
Radec’s j.Square is surprisingly effective as a juggle starter, linking smoothly into just about everything – even itself. However, there is a trick to this combo. The low ceiling in Stowaways helps keep the opponent low enough for Radec’s j.U+Square to reach. Otherwise, Radec probably would not have been able to finish this combo, although the last U+Triangle shotgun blast is relatively easy once the j.U+Square knife connects.

1:10 Sir Daniel j.F+Circle, j.F+Triangle (hold), j.Triangle, Square -> Square (axe connects), D+Square, Square -> Square -> U+Square, U+Square
Sir Daniel’s F+Circle travels along the ground and causes a lengthy stun reaction upon exploding. This allows him to throw his j.F+Triangle axe over the opponent before resuming the combo with Square -> Square. The heavy stagger caused by the axe provides just enough time to link D+Square, and finish with Sir Daniel’s bread-and-butter combo to trigger the AP burst.

1:18 Drake j.Circle, j.F+Square, Square -> Square (barrel explodes), j.F+Triangle
Drake’s Circle barrel slowly starts rolling back down the Stowaways ramp, exploding at a convenient spot after j.F+Square bounces the opponent back into the explosion area. Drake’s Square -> Square (performed with a slight delay) keeps the opponent busy until the barrel explodes, and Drake wraps up the package with j.F+Triangle to hit the infinite avoidance ceiling.

1:23 Sly Circle vs Drake j.U+Triangle, F+Triangle -> U+Triangle (hold F), Circle vs Drake U+Square (D+Circle mine connects), j.U+Square -> j.Square
Sly Cooper’s Circle counter is triggered by Drake’s U+Triangle grenade (which explodes upon contact), then again by Drake’s U+Square grenade (which explodes on a fixed timer). After the first counter, Sly’s F+Triangle ejects Drake into Sly’s D+Circle mine, placed on Columbia’s leftmost platform edge in advance. This gives Sly enough time to U+Triangle teleport over to the second grenade and counter to continue the combo halfway across the stage.

1:30 Cole U+Triangle, whiff Square -> whiff Square -> Square, Triangle -> Triangle (U+Triangle connects), F+Square -> j.F+Square -> j.F+Circle, F+Square -> Triangle -> double-jump, whiff j.U+Circle, j.D+Circle
Cole’s U+Triangle rocket tracks down to wherever his Triangle bolts connect, which in this case is Raiden’s head after the last hit of Cole’s Square -> Square -> Square combo crumples him. After the eject, Cole’s F+Square follows the opponent across the stage and tethers onto him with j.F+Square -> F+Circle to set up the F+Square -> Triangle launcher. Cole’s U+Circle acts as an alternate double-jump, allowing the D+Circle ice barrier to finish the high-flying juggle.

1:37 Raiden RS-F vs Cole F+Triangle, Circle, Triangle -> Square, U+Square -> j.U+Triangle, U+Square -> j.Triangle
Raiden’s forward-throw connects as Cole’s F+Triangle grenade sticks onto him, then explodes just after Raiden recovers, allowing him to counter it with Circle. The crumple provides Raiden with ample time to follow up with Triangle -> Square, U+Square. The trick to connecting the second U+Square launcher is jumping backward before performing the first j.U+Triangle, because that helps Raiden land closer to where the opponent will fall.

1:46 Ratchet U+Circle, F+Circle, j.Triangle, Square -> Square, walk forward (agents connect), F+Square, U+Square, U+Triangle
Ratchet’s F+Circle agents act as a slow-moving multi-projectile, which helps set up the spacing for F+Square later in the combo. That part is much harder than it looks, just because of the precision required. Otherwise the first three hits and last three hits are very practical on their own, assuming the F+Square wrench is thrown from close range.

1:52 Jak crossup j.D+Circle -> j.D+Square -> j.F+Square -> j.Square, U+Square -> j.Square
Jak and Daxter definitely aren’t combo specialists, but they do have some interesting pieces regardless. For example, j.D+Circle, j.D+Square is a reliable combo in the corner, but using it midscreen requires an unusual crossup which only connects from a certain height. The rest of the combo takes advantage of the Stowaways incline and cargo wall, allowing Jak to land higher from j.F+Square -> Square than he would on a flat plane, to follow up with an U+Square uppercut.

1:58 Big Daddy j.D+Square, j.F+Triangle, F+Circle, walk forward, D+Square, F+Square, F+Triangle
Big Daddy’s attacks tend to be slow, but they certainly pack a punch. In fact, everything about this combo is practical except the finisher, which requires an incline to elevate his F+Triangle shoulder rush after the U+Square launcher. In a real match, it can be substituted with Big Daddy’s U+Triangle drill to trigger AP burst.

2:04 Sackboy whiff Square -> Square, U+Square -> j.F+Triangle (cake connects), U+Triangle (shock pad connects), F+Square
Sackboy has probably the most diverse selection of mine-class projectiles of any character in the game. His D+Circle shock pad keeps opponents in place on contact and his Circle cake sticks to any surface, causing a heavy stagger hit. Both of these together create plenty of hit stun to compensate for his D+Triangle checkpoint teleport into F+Square grabinator.

2:09 Dante whiff j.F+Square -> Square, Square -> Square -> Square -> Triangle -> F+Circle -> crossup D+Square -> Triangle -> F+Circle -> U+Square -> j.Square -> j.Square -> j.U+Square -> j.Triangle -> j.F+Circle -> crossup j.Square
Dante can cancel almost any Square attack into any Triangle attack into any Circle attack. The third slash of his Square -> Square -> Square chain causes a long crumple, which is perfect for stylish followups such as the crossup F+Circle -> D+Square launcher. Continuing with U+Square requires a slight delay, but it’s easy to master with a little practice. The air combo is also fairly practical, apart from the flashy crossup j.Square finisher.

2:16 Nariko j.U+Circle, j.D+Circle, D+Square -> j.U+Square, j.Circle, j.Square -> j.Square -> j.Square
Nariko’s U+Circle projectile ricochets off walls and sometimes resumes a horizontal trajectory. It causes a heavy stagger, giving Nariko enough time to follow up with j.D+Circle into a full air combo off D+Square launcher. The only trick is delaying the j.U+Square launcher to buy extra time for her j.Circle grapple.

2:25 Heihachi D+Circle (full charge), D+Circle -> Square, j.F+Circle -> j.Square, F+Square, F+Circle -> Triangle -> Triangle -> Triangle, F+Triangle -> Triangle, D+Triangle
Heihachi’s D+Circle imbues his next attack with a triple AP boost when fully charged, denoted by red glowy fists. Then his D+Circle -> Square dashpunch causes a crumple, which leads into square dash j.F+Circle -> j.Square as a flashy combo starter. Some of the ensuing links are a little tricky and the D+Triangle finisher requires a slight delay, but otherwise this combo can be used in matches – although he has quite a few easier (less stylish) options.

2:34 Toro Justice j.U+Square, whiff j.D+Circle -> Oni j.D+Triangle, whiff F+Circle -> Justice F+Triangle, whiff F+Circle -> Torobi F+Triangle, U+Circle
Toro can cancel all of his Circle button transformations into Triangle attacks in each respective stance. Both his j.U+Square and his Oni j.D+Triangle cause heavy staggers, and his Justice F+Triangle causes a unique low-level eject, which links into Torobi F+Triangle slide when performed close enough to the corner. Toro’s U+Circle Justice transformation ends this five-stance combo with an AP burst.

soundtrack: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale OST – Intro Theme

released today, November 19th, 2012

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5 Responses to PASBR style exhibition

  1. Maj says:

    I started recording combos for fun this weekend and somehow ended up with enough to release a video. I’m surprised it got done so quickly. Anyway i hope you guys like it!

    A full transcript with detailed explanations is coming soon!

    • Maj says:

      First draft of the transcript is up, but i still need to add button inputs to each combo and edit a few of the explanations. It should be done before noon.

  2. onReload says:

    So, can I ask…how many ideas did you leave out? Meaning, what do you NOT want people to see just yet? haha…

  3. Maj says:

    Oh i didn’t leave anything out on purpose if that’s what you’re asking, but each character has way too much interesting stuff to fit into one combo. All of these combos can be taken in a different direction and even flat-out improved.

    For example, i’m pretty sure you can do a Sly combo with three counters, using a Hedgehog Grenade to trigger the third one. Dante has tons of other stylish cancel variations to explore. Kratos, Nariko, and Raiden have some really flexible air combo options. Even Radec, who doesn’t seem like a combo character at all at first glance, has a lot of interesting applications of his neutral Circle sticky bomb.

    And then if you bring items and level hazards into the mix, things get real crazy! So this is just the tip of the iceberg, because i couldn’t make a 30-minute video to show everything i knew. Even that would only be a small percentage of what you guys will find over the next year. Trust me, there’s plenty to explore.

  4. Maj says:

    This video was originally hosted on SuperBot Entertainment’s youtube channel, but i noticed it was removed recently. I still like the way it turned out, so i’ve made it available for viewing on the ComboVidDotCom channel.

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