VF5FS Brad Burns Combo Video by tmd02

Brad Burns has had a lot of attention when it comes to VF5FS combo videos, get prepared for some more of the BRAD SHOW! Brad is capable of a lot of feats in VF, including high damaging combos, multiple bounces and numerous combos from his wide range of grabs! Watch by clicking below and enjoy!

14 frame advantage with side grab non-CH at 0:23, 153 damage combo with multiple stuns at 0:36, open stage CH 136 combo at 0:57, 2P+K,P+K,6P+K spam at 1:25, use of 4P+K+G,P+K inside combo at 1:56, open stage 117 damage CH combo on Taka at 2:00, CH 2P+K+G,K+G with front grab W! into 181 damage combo at 2:23

combos and editing by tmd02

soundtrack: WCW Brad Armstrong Theme

released today, July 27th, 2012

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