Berserker Rage: Wolverine Tribute by FightersEvo

The long-awaited Wolverine mega-combo video by FightersEvo has arrived! Covering fighters that feature Wolverine old and new, along with a few extras.

XvSF Wolverine taking Gief side to side at 9:50, MSHvSF Wolverine rushing down Ken at 13:44, MSH Wolverine crazy gem combos at 17:08, COTA Wolverine cross-screen juggles at 18:07, MvC Wolverine teaming up with Ryu at 22:35, MvC3 Wolverine and friends touch of death 28:54 and UMvC3 Wolverine skewering Nemesis for over 100 hits at 37:27

combos by Battousai, Blazt The Speakerz, CSVagrant, and Weltall

edited by Blazt The Speakerz and CSVagrant

All of our MvC2, MvC3, and UMvC3 combos were executed manually. Some combos from the older games were tool-assisted, but the majority of those older game combos were manually executed as well. No cheats were used in this video except for the double Wolverine “dual combo” displayed in Marvel vs Capcom 1.

00:32 – Jason Sturgill – X-Men Theme
01:45 – Celldweller – Last Firstborn
02:59 – Celldweller – Switchback
08:17 – Naruto Shippuuden OST – Nankou Furaku
10:31 – T’s Music – Blue-Red United Front
12:30 – Hiroshi Okubo – Arcade Catch The Lightning
16:14 – Haruki Yamada – Lead Time
18:00 – Haruki Yamada – Lurking Shadow
19:33 – SSH – Barrel Roll Star Fox
22:33 – Haruki Yamada – Go One’s Way
25:01 – Ryuichi Kawamura – Over Takers
29:30 – Power Glove – X-Men theme
33:13 – SSH – Key Switch
38:24 – ReeceHoward06 – Wolverine Theme Remix

released on July 9th, 2012

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3 Responses to Berserker Rage: Wolverine Tribute by FightersEvo

  1. Maj says:

    This video is awesome. All of the combos from the first two Marvel games were especially ridiculous. I can’t believe how crazy the tech has gotten in those games. You can’t help but laugh at the number of times Wolverine crosses up Juggernaut and Akuma in those combos. Really nice job overall!

    But i have to ask: What possessed you guys to make a 40-minute Wolverine combovid??

  2. Keiko says:

    This is just awesome, i watched the full 40 minutes of the vid and i didn’t get bored or distracted in any part of the video (and i’m not a marvel fan at all). Great Job.

  3. EA575 says:

    My God. No wonder this took so long to make. So, so awesome.

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