Skullgirls All Character Combo Video by desk

Weighing in at five action-packed minutes, it’s obvious that desk put a lot of effort into making this Skullgirls combo exhibition. It features every character in the game, performing a variety of combos, utilizing a diverse assortment of setups that are still being discovered and explored.

SG Peacock corner triple super at 0:47, Valentine scalpel target practice at 1:47, Cerebella double timebomb setup at 3:11, and Ms. Fortune undead head shenanigans at 3:50

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combos and editing by desk

soundtrack: Skullgirls OST – Streets Of New Meridian

released today, April 25th, 2012

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  1. Maj says:

    April turned into a surprisingly quiet month for combovids. Nevertheless, clearly a lot of work went into producing this, so i’m making it the Vid of the Week for 04.23.2012!

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