SFxT Tekken Characters Team CMV by jadeshikonapan

Apparently this video is jadeshikonapan’s “final work in SFxT.” While it’s sad to see him neglect the entire Capcom roster, you couldn’t ask for a much better closing chapter than this.

SFxT Paul/Law 44-hit corner linkfest at 2:32, Steve/Hwoarang 52-hit air to ground transition at 3:30, Yoshimitsu/Raven 48-hit corner exit at 5:26, and Kuma/Heihachi double KO victory at 6:31

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combos and editing by jadeshikonapan

She – Just Your Regular Beat Song
She – 2008
She – Ride
She – Touch And Go

released today, April 19th, 2012

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