Marvel vs Capcom Combo Video Vol.1 by izumojin

Marvel vs Capcom was probably the glitchiest and most unruly installment of the Versus Series, and izumojin takes full advantage of that knowledge. Almost every combo in this video is aided by a shadow double agent on the opponent’s team. Chaos ensues.

MvC Captain America jabbing like a champ at 0:44, Chun Li combo counter exploitation at 1:49, and Ryu transformer combos at 4:20

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combos and editing by izumojin

Guilty Gear Isuka OST – Sheep Will Sleep
Guilty Gear Isuka OST – Push A Bush

released yesterday, January 28th, 2012

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  1. Bob Sagat says:

    Amazing! I loved the parts where suddenly the main character’s attention turns to Shadow Lady in stead of the opponent’s point character.

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