UMvC3 Ryu/Akuma Tag Combos Part 1 by Final Showdown

Final Showdown has kept busy exploring Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, finding quite a few stylish high-damage combo options for the Shoto pair. He’s combined them into one tag team video. His videos are always creative, so check it out if you want to see something fresh.

UMvC3 Ryu midscreen overhead overkill at 0:42, Ryu corner fireball linkfest at 4:12, Akuma Raging Demon touch-of-death at 6:00, and Akuma/Ryu corner exit beamfest at 7:13

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combos and editing by Final Showdown

Levo Lution – Masterpark High Voltage
Levo Lution – Manoria Cathedral

released yesterday, January 23rd, 2012

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