CvS2 Leftovers ’08 by Maj

These combos were originally requested for a Capcom vs SNK 2 strategy vid that went unfinished. Most of them ended up in various collaborative projects, but it’s time to reunite the whole set.

CvS2 Akuma 150% A-Groove meter setup at 0:49, Yun multi-cross double lvl3 juggle at 1:04, Vice stylish midscreen CC loop at 1:40, and Zangief surprise OTG finisher at 1:53

combos and editing by Maj

soundtrack: SFA3 OST – Scala (Theme of Rose)

transcript and explanations:

released today, January 24th, 2012

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5 Responses to CvS2 Leftovers ’08 by Maj

  1. Doopliss says:

    God I love that Zangief combo. It was in sh/f style exhibition, right?

    • Snoooootch says:

      Yeah, that one and I think the Akuma vs Dan one, and the Kyo vs Maki one. And I personally liked seeing those clips in a different context, belonging to their own kind in one video.

      Oh, and that Akuma vs Rolento combos was so cool, too. I liked the whiffed tatsus, and the autocorrected shoryukens. I have no idea how that could even be input when programming them!

  2. error1 says:

    super technical combos. I love how simple the todoh combo is

  3. Tarnish says:

    The damage makes the Kyo vs Maki combo my favorite out of all these. I really liked the Vice one for lack of damage, though. Just seemed to reflect the whole silliness of it all.

  4. Maj says:

    In case anyone’s curious, the transcript is finally done.

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