X-Men COTA Random Combo Video 1 by Battousai

No disrespect to izumojin but Battousai is my favorite X-Men: Children of the Atom combo maker, and this new video is a perfect example of why that’s the case. Every single clip is ridiculous!

COTA Akuma air-to-ground throw Switch at 0:04, Iceman j.D+HP setups at 1:05, Colossus angry combo at 1:48, Sentinel style exhibition at 2:22, and Wolverine multi-cross frenzy at 3:36

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combos and editing by Battousai

soundtrack: Immediate Music – Action and Drama #4 (Custom Mix)

transcript keynotes:

0:04 Akuma air-to-ground throw bug because of Switch, ground hurricane to super fireball juggle

0:28 Cyclops combo after slow ass special throw, combo in-out of slow ass regular air optic blast, c.LK and sweep juggles

1:05 Iceman landing before j.D+HP to combo in-out of slow ass Icefist and Ice Avalance

1:48 Colossus using Psylocke’s background elements (girders) for a screen crossing juggle, j.HK hitting behind him

2:22 Sentinel combo in-out of drones (two ways), technique for Sentinel to continue combo after floor breaking

2:54 Silver Samurai ways to combo through floor breaking, HK fall through floor bug (3:11)

3:29 Silver Samurai HK fall through floor bug with throw in floor vs Spiral

3:32 Omega Red fall through floor Omega Destroyer visual bug

3:36 Wolverine combo in-out of HP ground throw which has long recovery, combo in-out of speedup, ping-pong

released yesterday, December 29th, 2011

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4 Responses to X-Men COTA Random Combo Video 1 by Battousai

  1. Keiko says:

    Truly amazing stuff going on there! and also is great to see Battousai is back with a Combo Video after a loooong break!

  2. Snoooootch says:

    I love how this game lets you go from the left to the right to the left of the stage multiple times. Awesome stuff, Battou!

  3. onReload says:

    Very happy to say I understand none of these clips! I love the Cyclops backwards hitting attacks, though, and anything with this very, very weird version of Akuma

  4. Maj says:

    Alright this is crazy super late, but that won’t stop me from making this the Vid of the Week for 12.26.2011!

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