KoFXIII Ralf Jones Combo Video by Persona

Persona continues his exploration of King of Fighters XIII with this combovid dedicated to Ralf, the Ikari Team’s heavy hitter. Anytime Ralf touches anything, it dies in a fiery explosion of punches.

KoFXIII Ralf stun combo at 0:22, Ralf linkfest at 1:41, and Ralf mini-explosive death at 1:58

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combos and editing by Persona

soundtrack: KoFXIII OST – Irregular Mission

released today, December 26th, 2011

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2 Responses to KoFXIII Ralf Jones Combo Video by Persona

  1. Maj says:

    What causes the mini-explosions at 1:58? Those things are awesome!

  2. onReload says:

    you mean the tiny atomic looking things? i believe that’s his light QCB+P instead of the EX/Heavy version that has the big cloud

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