SSF4AE Dudley ComboVid by Smileymike101

Entitled “Keeping It Classy” – this four-minute video represents the most in-depth look at SSF4AE Dudley’s combo potential yet. Every combo showcases something original or extremely optimized using tool-assistance. It’s definitely a labor of love from a seasoned Dudley player.

SSF4AE Dudley air-to-air j.HK followup at 0:34, Dudley crossthrough FADC at 1:27, Dudley vs Guy blockstun combo counter glitch at 2:21, Dudley EX Cross Counter juggle at 2:35, Dudley corner crossunder at 3:05, and Dudley post-KO EX Thunderbolt at 3:21

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combos by Smileymike101 and Snoooootch

edited by Snoooootch

soundtrack: Mikeyg1221 – Dudley Theme Remix

transcript and explanations:

released yesterday, November 18th, 2011

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