SSF2T Screenshot Set 2 by Bob Sagat

Inspired by his ST-Tribute (RFD 2011 Edition) video, Bob Sagat has compiled another set of unique Super Street Fighter II Turbo screenshots – highlighting more odd occurances and unexpected symmetries. Did you ever think you’d see T.Hawk performing a Scissor Kick?









download link:
(full set contains three additional screenshots)

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7 Responses to SSF2T Screenshot Set 2 by Bob Sagat

  1. Smileymike101 says:

    Haha, I liked the Tiger Fire alot.What are the 2 Chun li doing on the blurry picture?

  2. Maj says:

    They’re both doing upkicks. That move has all sorts of motion blur for some reason. Actually it’s pretty funny how different the new moves look in ST. It’s like they got a bunch of new animators who wanted to show off their stuff, so Guile grows all sorts of new muscles during s.HK and it has hella frames of animation.

  3. Smileymike101 says:

    Oh, i thought only the new characters got the blurring think going on.

  4. Maj says:

    Nah, everyone got new attacks and they’re super animated.

  5. Bob Sagat says:

    Hm… I don’t think Sagat really got any new animation…
    Chun’s upkicks is really a move to be seen frame by frame. I actually used it as an example at work to show some interesting animation ideas that we might be able to use on our project.

    Anyway, here’s the explanations(also for the shots that can only be found in the download file):

    01: Chun Li knocks down neutral jumping Cammy from the corner with LK Tensho Kyaku, then does a MK Spinning Bird Kick to get close as Cammy goes into her wakeup animation. Originally meant to synch up Chun’s recovery handstand with Cammy’s wakeup handstand, but I thought this looked cooler.

    02: From “ST-Tribute”, Hawk does a 720 from cl.HP, cl.HK as Dhalsim does a reversal Yoga Blast. I know it’s a game and it’s all about hitboxes, but I just like that Hawk’s gonna grab Sim by the throat from way over there.

    03: Cammy recovers from her close HK as Bison does a st.HK over her head. It actually doesn’t whiff, she’ll be hit in the next frame. I just thought that this particular drawing looked peculiar as Cammy becomes much smaller than usual.

    04, 05 & 06: Hawk is at it again, stealing moves wherever he can find them. In this case he stole his close HP from Fei Long’s j.HP.

    07: Bison goes Pai Mei on Cammy as he goes into the startup animation of the punch portion of his Devil Reverse as Cammy stretches out her close MK.

    08: Cammy does a close HK as the other Cammy stretches out into the handstand portion of her wakeup animation.

    09: From “ST-Tribute”, Sagat flies over Dhalsim’s Yoga Fire with a Tiger Knee, while Sim teleports to the other side of the screen. Sagat then proceeds to fire a Low Tiger Shot at the Yoga Fire, nullifying both projectiles just in time for Dhalsim to land safely from his teleport.

    10: Simply two Chuns performing a Tensho Kyaku at each other, synching up both extreme motion blur frames of the move.

    11: Hawk’s air recovery animation mimics Bison’s Scissor Kick.

  6. Maj says:

    Sagat got a ton of new animation in SSF2 though. His Tiger Knee is crazy fluid compared to what it was back in CE/HF, which actually probably made it way less useful.

    Thanks for posting all that info btw!

  7. Bob Sagat says:

    Yeah, you’re right about his change from Hyper to New Challengers. That also when he got his new air normals, right?
    Just too bad he didn’t get a fancy new move/animation change in ST.

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