DMC4: Terminus by his1nightmare, TQ, and Brea

After two years of waiting, the creators of Dante’s little worlD, Kings of Hell, and DMC Combo Mad present “Terminus” – an insane fourteen minute long Devil May Cry 4 combo video. With Dante featured prominently in Marvel vs Capcom 3, some of you Marvel players may enjoy watching the utterly ridiculous (stylish) nonsense he was capable of back in his own single-player game.

DMC4 Dante multi-dash OTG at 4:14, Dante laser-dodging at 7:05, Dante platform acrobatics at 9:47, Dante pillar-climbing combo at 11:57, and Dante ground pound death at 13:02

if you like this video:
Head over to his1nightmare’s, Brea’s, and Riexn’s channels for more Devil May Cry combos.

combos by Brea, his1nightmare, and TQ

edited by Riexn

Xentrifuge – Error Seven
Atlas Plug – Around The World (Brent Young Remix)
MoozE – Bullet-Proof & Panic-Stricken
Sybreed – Doomsday Party (The Luna Sequence Remix)
I Will Never Be The Same – Worldless (The Luna Sequence Remix)
Blue Stahli – Metamorphosis (Lifetheory Remix)

released yesterday, October 29th, 2011

bonus materials:
DMC4: Terminus – TQ’s leftovers by TQ and Riexn

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6 Responses to DMC4: Terminus by his1nightmare, TQ, and Brea

  1. SofaKingAC says:

    Very cool, even the transitions were pretty stylish. I actually haven’t played any of the DMC games, so it was kinda cool to see this vid and go “Hey that’s that move from MvC3!”

  2. his1nightmare says:

    Haha, to my full spurprise, you really posted it on your page Maj; I’m highly glad you enjoyed it enough to do that.

    I hope some more people around here will enjoy what they’ll see :) .

  3. onReload says:

    Hey, maybe I just didn’t notice him, but…are there NO Nero combos in here whatsoever? I remember feeling like “Oh…Dante, right” when he was playable in the game, I kinda liked Nero, even he wasn’t as flashy or fast. Is he fully explored, combo-video-wise?

  4. Maj says:

    his1nightmare: Haha i’ve been wanting to post some non-fighting-game combovids here for a while. I kept telling people to suggest stuff, but nobody ever did. Guess i just got tired of waiting, so i’m glad this video showed up when it did.

    Btw, i’m making this the Vid of the Week for 10.24.2011!

  5. his1nightmare says:


    Well 2 Nero combos were inside.
    In my opinion, yes, Nero was aready fully explored. Though some people still continue searching, finding a new trick every now and then; sadly none of these tricks are worth mentioning.
    However, if you like to see a bit of Nero, I can suggest these videos: – A kinda repititive but enjoyable video to people new to DMC4. – Showing some rather complex stuff.


    I see; glad we released in time then.

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