ST-Tribute (RFD 2011 Edition) by Bob Sagat

As the intro message says, this is a tool-assisted combo video for a very old game. The fact that it looks so damn fresh is a huge achievement for both Bob Sagat and the game itself. It’s quite rare to see a Super Turbo combovid that doesn’t fall back on repeating known combos.

SSF2T Chun Li mashing strong like a champion at 0:36, Ryu vs Blanka zero damage at 0:57, Guile vs Blanka zero damage at 1:04, and T.Hawk backwards fierce setups at 1:46

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combos and editing by Bob Sagat

soundtrack: SFEX2 OST – Flash Train

download link:

released yesterday, October 23rd, 2011

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11 Responses to ST-Tribute (RFD 2011 Edition) by Bob Sagat

  1. error1 says:

    gotta love that intro, reminds me of the old marvel credits sequence

  2. Battousai says:

    Love the no-damage parts, that had to take some serious coreography.

  3. Bob Sagat says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys!
    Almost forgot: There’s also a 60fps version available for download!

  4. Maj says:

    Sweet, thanks – i’ll add that link to the post above. And while i’m at it, i’m making this the Vid of the Week for 10.17.2011!

    • Bob Sagat says:

      Wow, thanks Maj!

      CPS2: First combo video – kinda. There’s another combo vid on my channel which took about 2 seconds to make and was basically a joke and tribute to one of the stupidest combos in ST.(Which is totally possible in a match btw.)
      But yeah, after working on animated commercials for a year, having done an animation course at an art academy and being on my third animated feature, I’ve got some experience making videos. :P I’m usually not at the end of the production though, so doing a full vid is pretty rare for me.

      Battousai: Strangely enough, those kinda wrote themselves. With the zero damage and the combos I usually started with an untested theory of what I wanted to do, or a solid idea that I wanted to show but had to add something too.
      Before I started working on this I was keeping a log with strange things that would happen during my matches. Then it was a matter of trying to recreate those moments. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but when it didn’t I would usually run into something I hadn’t thought of before that I could use.
      Gief’s Running Bear Grab leaning through Ryu’s Super for instance, was total random luck. The original idea was a lot more subtle, to have Ryu reverse DP out of Kick 360 fullscreen glitch.

      Thanks for the kind words guys. :)

    • onReload says:

      “feature”? which movies? i promise i won’t go looking for the dutchest looking name in the credits list or something weird (totally will)

  5. CPS2 says:

    This is a great video, both the combos and editing are awesome. Is this the first combo video, or video production you’ve made?

    • CPS2 says:

      Oh I just checked your youtube channel, I remember the tournament promo video now, that was cool too…

  6. Keiko says:

    I loved this, the combos, the zero damage clips, the music, everything mixed up together almost perfectly.
    Congratulations, really great job and hope to see more ST madness in the future.

  7. Dammit says:

    Loved all the backwards facing attacks on Dhalsim. The charge on that Boxer super must have been super tight.

  8. Bob Sagat says:

    You know what Dammit? Without the TAP setup, that Dash Upper to Super link can actually be done manually. Just as long as you move back and forth slowly. Dash Straight also works. Get the spacing wrong though(you have to be pretty close) and the Super won’t connect.
    I actually wanted to see if I could do crossup Fierce into Dash Straight into Super with only straight punches, but I couldn’t find the charge switch point at all. And it’s nice to have one combo that kills without dizzy.

    onReload: My breakthrough film was The Illusionist(not the Edward Norton one). I don’t think I’m on IMDB or something, but I am on the credits of the actual film of course.

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