T6BR Rough Sketch Combos #3 by 538

538 of team KYSG continues with yet another manually executed combovid in a growing series of PSP Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion exhibitions. This episode contains forty combos – over five minutes of Training Mode footage, featuring over ten different characters.

T6BR Asuka unblockable at 2:05, Feng midscreen crossunder juggle at 2:27, Ganryu 11-hit corner combo at 3:44, and Devil Jin whiff backfist at 4:48

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combos and editing by 538 (of the group KYSG)

soundtrack: Pac-Man OST – Toshio Kai

released yesterday, October 22nd, 2011

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  1. onReload says:

    It’s weird that I liked this; I usually skip past Tekken combo vids, but the training mode helps keep me informed (don’t know anything about Tekken, really)…I’m guessing the white flakes that come off the training wall are the equivalent of the character breaking through the wall of a regular stage?

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