X-Men: Children of the Atom Screenshot Set by Battousai

Battousai knows X-Men: Children of the Atom inside-out, and this set of guest screenshots further proves that fact. Each of these images highlights a glitch or strange occurence in COTA. And the game itself still looks beautiful in motion, even after all these years.









download link:
(full set contains one additional screenshot)

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5 Responses to X-Men: Children of the Atom Screenshot Set by Battousai

  1. Maj says:

    Added download link which contains the original .PNG versions of each image.

  2. Remxi says:

    Love the Psylocke/Akuma shot.

  3. Battousai says:

    1st – Speed up Wolverine’s dashing in the same direction, forming a conga line.

    2nd – Psylocke doesn’t stop taunting until you move her, so she stays afloat after Spiral’s switch, + Ninjutsu powerup.

    3rd – You can teleport above her then switch again to get her to the top of the screen (she can go higher than this, but all you’d see is her feet)

    4th – Akuma’s counter-DP is a throw type move, displaying that as it grabs Psylocke and her shadows disappear (which happens in grabs, but doesn’t happen when she’s hit. Psylocke can change Ninjitsu position while hitting, blocking, or being hit, but after she’s thrown she can’t)

    5th – Attacks that change a character’s colors can stay shifted, even when they’re hit by other stuff. DP lit her on fire, and the comboed throw was at a point where she as still in the color shift. Also demonstrates that throws cycle the background of Cyclops’ stage.

    6th – Hail Storm vs Ice Storm

    7th – Iceman was here? No, Icesword/shadows hit Storm after a Hailstorm ice block hit Sam, freezing them both.

    8th – Normally Sent loses fly on KO, but if you time it to kill hit xx Fly and manage to get it to register, you can do your winpose in midair, and you’ll keep fly at the start of the next round. Flying Sent gets some of his yellow jet/energy colors changed, and that carries over to his winpose too.

  4. Maj says:

    Sweet, thanks for posting those explanations. Now i’m really curious about all the triggers that set off those Danger Room stage transformations.

  5. Battousai says:

    Offhand I remember throwing changes the BG, jumping will get you an effect depending on which phase it’s in (usually some form of spikes from the ground), and dashing in the regular danger room will get a smasher landing behind you on a frontdash, and small lasers shooting on a backdash.

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