DAMAGE exhibition v.two

Assembling DAMAGE exhibition for Evo2k11 left us with a huge surplus of unused material. We decided it would be better to split them into five-minute halves rather than presenting one huge ten-minute video to a live tournament audience. Keiko finished editing the second volume sooner than expected, so we submitted it to Season’s Beatings: Velocity and here we are.

All of these combos follow standard meter restrictions and were performed under default damage settings. Many of them were tool-assisted via programmable controllers or emulator scripting. Absolutely no hacks, cheats, or game-altering devices were used in the making of these combos. (The only exceptions are the KoF98 clip at 4:41 and the MvC2 clip at 5:41. See details below.)

combos by Aldevaran, AquaTeamV3, Battousai, CPS2, Dammit, Dark Chaotix, DevilAzite, Don Vecta, Doopliss, error1, Keiko, Krusan, Maj, oKutabareo, Persona, Phoenix, Raging Hawk, Remxi, Rufus, Ryukenden, ShinjiGohan, Snoooootch, Tigre III, and wolverine-master

edited by Keiko

soundtrack: GG Isuka OST – The Irony of Chaste


0:01 SFA Sagat’s Tiger Knee forces crouching Chun Li to stand up into his LP fireball, which allows him to link s.MP xx lvl2 Tiger Cannon. The last hit misses Chun Li’s unusual hitbox, so she doesn’t get knocked down and Sagat links s.MK to end the combo.

0:11 CvS2 Haohmaru uses the Tech Throw Reversal Glitch to eliminate Rolento’s Taunt grenade recovery, enabling Rolento to throw a second one. Both grenades are used as interrupts for Haohmaru’s far s.HP slash. Rolento had to be dizzied three times (with his entire lifebar rebuilt by Just Defending) before the start of this combo, to prevent Haohmaru’s second s.HP from dizzying.

0:22 MvC3 Hulk cancels out of blockstun using lvl3 X-Factor – then kills Akuma, Chun Li, and Zero with a single Gamma Crush super.

0:32 COTA Spiral’s Power Dance makes her take more damage, and after her tech hit she’s vulnerable (much like Sim’s teleport recovery in XvSF). Even if the strength of Juggernaut’s hits are the same, the timing near the end seemed to determine whether she would fall dizzy first or die beforehand. COTA is notorious for it’s dizzies so killing someone before that takes tricks.

0:45 VH2 Huitzil’s Ray of Doom lasers hit many more times than normal if he’s hit while they are active. Victor takes a lot of hits since he’s taller in VS2/VH2. ES Plasma Trap keeps Victor stunned long enough to combo into Final Guardian, which does extra damage in VS2/VH2 Dark Force.

0:52 SSF4 Balrog’s fully charged Turn Punch trades with Sagat’s s.LK, which mysteriously grants Balrog a counterhit bonus – particularly painful in this case.

1:07 KoF2k2UM Yashiro Yashiro activates MAX, charges up his SDM which wall bounces at full charge, and trades with Athena’s Psycho Sword. He has enough time to fully charge up another SDM, finishing with an Upper Duel for 100% damage.

1:14 SFEX3 Sakura’s Genki Ichiban is a high-damage unblockable attack (which looks like a taunt) with a long, armored startup period. Since Kairi’s life drains during his beam super, the Genki Ichiban becomes enough to kill him in one hit.

1:20 MvC2 Juggernaut utilizes the Cyttorak Power-Up glitch to boost the damage of this HP throw combo enough to kill Wolverine. If you power-up Juggernaut and tag out then tag him back in, he remains powered up for the entire match.

1:26 KoFXIII Maxima burns his entire super meter to kill Yuri in one combo involving both an HD cancel and a Max cancel into lvl3 super.

1:34 MvC3 Chun Li’s Hoyokusen super has invincible startup, allowing her to pass through almost everything – including a triple-team super from Akuma/Chun-Li/Zero. She cancels out of it using lvl3 X-Factor and wrecks the whole team.

1:47 KoF98 Ralf’s Galactica Phantom is preceded by a delayed hit bug caused by Chizuru’s QCFx2+K DM, killing her before the Galactica Phantom connects.

1:52 SF3:3S Yun’s palms hit Twelve of his XCOPY recovery, boosting their damage dramatically and creating the opportunity for a midscreen 100% damage combo.

1:59 SSF4 El Fuerte’s EX Habanero Dash has hyper armor, so Zangief’s PPP Double Lariat does white damage and doesn’t cause damage scaling. This is not a true combo, but the start of the clip shows a lot of quick damage.

2:11 T3 Paul’s B+PP unblockable move becomes a single-hit kill on counterhit.

2:15 XSF Storm uses unfly to continue her air combo after flight wears off. (If Storm continues a combo after breaking the ground while she is in flight mode, she is allowed to go back up to where she came from by spamming U+HP. The fierces allow her to keep moving upward until flight mode wears off, when she would no longer be able to attack. Activating unfly before the combo ensures that Zangief would have a safe trip down.)

2:40 MotW Hotaru’s LK Kobi Kyaku (Break) reflects Marco’s LP Kohou Ken regular fireball and Haou Shoukou Ken super fireball. The rest is pretty much self-explanatory.

2:51 SFEX3 Garuda’s Soukon Dan flames stack for ridiculous damage during Critical Parade. He catches both Shadow and Vega at once, killing them both. Ryu doesn’t have to contribute much.

3:03 KoF2k2UM Bao HSDM has an “attraction force” which pulls the oponent towards it. He’s able to land a crossup vertical jump D, followed by uncancelable 2-hit close D before the HSDM hits, and finish with C -> F+A xx QCBx2+AC SDM.

3:12 MvC3 Storm’s Hail Storm and Sentinel’s Hyper Sentinel Force both remain active even if the performing characters leave. This makes it possible to put five supers’ worth of projectiles on screen at once, amassing over one million points of block damage.

3:28 KoFXIII Shen kills King at the cost of his entire super meter, which is something most characters in the game can do. Except his attacks cause damage in quick, sudden bursts – which fits the theme of this video perfectly.

3:36 SF3:3S Makoto’s Taunts and Tanden Renki super combine to increase her damage dramatically, and Twelve’s XCOPY transformation decreases his defense, so Makoto is able to finish him off in slightly more than two hits.

3:43 XSF Juggernaut has a 1-frame stray attack box behind him at the end of F+HP. The rest of the combo is a fairly standard infinite loop.

4:00 NW Talbain combos Dragon Cannon thrice by first trading with Felicia’s s.LK and again with Felicia’s Please Help Me! Super – then finishes with ES Beast Cannon Rising.

4:07 MvC3 Storm’s flight allows her to float during a spinning knockdown when hit, allowing Spencer to connect an extra Bionic Lancer.

4:20 DBZ:IW Saibaman’s Self-Destruct is an instant kill on Yamcha if you latch onto him. A fully-charged Heavy Smash holds him in place for the lethal blow.

4:26 SFA3 X-Vega’s Izuna Drop super doesn’t drain the meter immediately because superfreeze is delayed until Vega goes for the dive. Therefore it’s possible to use two in Dramatic Battle, and they can be comboed by delaying the second one on the fence in the Spain stage.

4:41 KoF98 Clark is left in a glitched state where he is no longer affected by hitstop, caused by a bug involving Yamazaki’s grab super. This gives him a massive increase of frame advantage on normals and interesting interactions with specials (such as his Gattling Punch attack hitting 10 times rather than the typical 4) that open up a world of new combo opportunities. This clip uses a cheat to refill Yamazaki’s health after the glitch setup, which normally causes some damage.

4:47 SFA Bison lands j.HK and c.MP just before each Psycho Shot connects, causing both normal attacks to hit twice for massive damage. Bison was able to have multiple fireballs active on the screen in the first arcade revision of Street Fighter Alpha.

4:56 SSF2T Balrog is able to combo two supers with a dizzy because Final TAP builds a huge amount of meter – though he still needs to whiff a Low Straight and Headbutt, and supercancel c.HP to make up the rest. Even though Zangief takes the least damage of the cast, maximizing stun and minimizing damage to get to the end of the combo requires a lot of luck manipulation.

5:05 MSH Anita activates a Power Gem, causing all normal attacks to do chip damage, accompanied by a red screen flash on hit or block. Anita’s Love For You super will not do any extra chip in this state, but it normally yields over 60% chip damage and turns the screen a solid red when paired with the Power Gem.

5:18 SF3:3S Twelve drops off part of his SA2 when he hits Oro’s EX SA3 from behind. Then if one of Oro’s fireballs grazes the stuck copy, it no longer gets destroyed by hitting something. Oro’s EX fireball tracks the opponent and becomes an upward version if the opponent is in the air – and he can throw multiple upward versions without waiting for them to disappear.

5:33 BB Black Lotus is just out of range to connect his lightning attack special, and is punished by a lethal pistol shot from Katze. (Almost everything seems to kill in Bushido Blade.)

5:41 MvC2 Iceman is sent up about 9 screens before he stops the effect by blocking Dan’s attack. The icefist falls in a diagonal line; so if he was too high up, the icefist would have landed off-screen. Dan’s super leaves him with one point of health, so the icefist is enough to kill him. This clip uses cheats to grant infinite meter and to prevent damage to Iceman during the setup.

debuted today, October 16th, 2011 at SB6

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17 Responses to DAMAGE exhibition v.two

  1. Maj says:

    I’ll try to have the transcript done as soon as possible, but there’s a lot to cover and i don’t even play some of these games, so it could take a couple of days.

  2. onReload says:

    Sooo awesome. Too many thing about it I love, and you guys covered so much ground that you ALMOST had everybody happy! I think someone on the stream said something like “you can’t do this kind of thing in VF” so…I think that’s a challenge

  3. Maj says:

    Doesn’t Shun Di have some nasty damage combos once he gets drunk enough?

  4. Keiko says:

    Virtua Fighter 2 had hella damaging combos as far i remember now.

  5. error1 says:

    “All of these combos follow standard meter restrictions and were performed under default damage settings.”

    the marvel2 combo at the end doesn’t, I think iceman should be taking damage and it uses 6 bars

    also that Clark at 4:39 combo uses cheats to refill Yamazaki’s hp, but I guess meter and damage settings are normal

  6. Maj says:

    Really? That’s a little annoying. Nobody mentioned any of that stuff when those clips were submitted. Anyway i’ll fix it when i have time to finish the transcript.

  7. Pokey86 says:

    Excellent video, very fun combos

    – I had know idea Sakura has (projectile only?) Invincibility on her super taunt in EX

    – Also that glitch with Oro was top shit, Does 12’s transformation have special counterhit properties?

    – nice to see Juggernaut, a repeat performer in this, getting his ass kicked by a tiny girl round the end

    – Sword gun thing at the end was beautiful, homage to Indiana Jones? (& what game was that, reminded me of Monkey Island)

    – Triple Vega combo was exceptional

    There’s too much good shit in this video. Great fun to watch.

    • error1 says:

      12 takes double damage during the recovery of X copy

      it follows the same premise that suddenly shooting someone is funny, Dammit went with the really slow gun shot tho but it’s still funny.

    • error1 says:

      oh yeah it’s Bushido blade
      my exact words where

      Dammit you want to do a Bushido Blade clip? One of us needs to I think. I’m thinking Highwayman does one of his 20 hit rapid fire moves and then gets shot it the head Indiana Jones style

  8. Keiko says:

    My favourite combo of the whole vid is CVS2 Haohmaru’s triple Fierce + Tenha Danku Retsu Zan, i always loved that set up, looks hella fancy.
    And also MVC3 Hulk triple K.O is really dope, and i’m not a fan of that game but it just looks awesome.

  9. Snoooootch says:

    I have a very deep personal bond to dragonball z, so much so that when yamcha died, I cried, so I was happy to see people react to it when we put the memorable moment in this video.

    Based on who I am, and my own views and feelings, which there in form my character, I tend to look for humor in everything. Thus, I love the Sakura one hit kill, and of course, her teacher, Dan Hibiki at the end of the video!

  10. SofaKingAC says:

    I was wondering when someone would mention the DBZ clip. Great reminder of my childhood.

    Favorite moments: Chizuru exploding at 1:46, Deathfist whiff at 2:10, chip death at 3:11, Vega-on-Vega action at 4:26 and of course, Raiders tribute at 5:32.

    • Snoooootch says:

      Of course! Great childhood memories circle around the ethics behind the Z fighters. They’re the reason I’m am who I am. Goku and Krillin raised me. No joke.

  11. Maj says:

    It took several hours, but i finally finished the transcript. Let me know if i missed or misspelled anything.

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