Wake-Up SRK by Pokey86

Pokey86 continues his astonishing Street Fighter 4 series combovids with yet another oddly titled project – focusing on essentially half the roster of SSF4 Arcade Edition. Most of these clips are outright mindboggling, especially considering they were all manually executed on a PS3 pad.

SSF4AE Sakura tough links combo at 1:00, Seth mid-combo EX Tanden at 2:14, Ryu tricky Focus combo at 2:47, and Makoto quadruple dash punch at 2:59

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combos and editing by Pokey86

soundtrack: Quentin Grey – Growing Aggression


00:27 HP SRK (CH) -> Super -> Super -> Super -> EX Tatsu -> Ultra 1

The SRK raises Rufus high enough that the last hit of Ken’s super whiffs. This keeps Rufus in a float state. Only the last hit of Kens super increases the opponent’s juggle point, and with Ken’s super being JP1, it hits twice more before it completely whiffs. Rufus has a great hitbox so the EX Tatsu isn’t too hard to tack on, though it can only hit 3 times at this stage.

00:28 Jump HP (CH) -> Close HK -> Crouch MK -> HP SRK -> FADC -> EX Tatsu -> Ultra 1

Vega crouching allows Ryu’s s.HK to hit meaty. Usually it’s +4; this makes it about +6. The EX Tatsu sending him back in the corner is simply a spacing and timing issue – easier than it looks.

00:38 Close HP (CH) -> EX Tanden -> Crouch HP -> MP Sonic Boom -> Stomp Set -> Dive Kick (Whiff) -> EX Tanden -> Stand MP -> Crouch LP -> LP SRK -> Stomp Set -> Dive Kick (Whiff) -> Ultra 2

Close HP causes so much hitstun on counterhit that you can use EX Tanden to suck them back in to proceed with the combo. (EX Tanden is classed as a “hit”.) The boom has to be spaced well so that the divekick, which is still capable of hitting, misses Rog’s hitbox. You also need to do it damn quick to suck him back in. Stand MP sets up the spacing for the LP SRK to hit meaty, which allows stomps directly after. Once again you have to time the stomps so that the divekick misses Rog’s large hitbox.

00:52 Cross up Jump MK (CH) -> Close MK -> LK Tatsu -> Close HP -> LK Tatsu -> Crouch HP -> LK Tatsu -> Crouch MK -> EX Shuouken -> FADC -> Close MP -> Crouch HP -> LK Tatsu -> Crouch HK

Sakura can perform deep LK Tatsu combos against a few characters, mostly the newer ones such as Juri, the Twins, and Makoto. With the twins specifically, she nets herself a meaty LK Tatsu (About +6/7) at the end of this string, letting her tack on a long range Crouch MK. EX Shuouken FADC’d offers plenty of frame advantage too. Adding the MP to Crouch HP combo in to another meaty LK Tatsu offers a massive amount of bonus frames (about +8 altogether) making the sweep at the end a pretty easy link.

01:01 LP Hadouken (CH) -> Jump HK -> Close HP -> LK Tatsu -> Stand LP -> Crouch HP -> LK Tatsu -> Crouch MK -> HP Shuouken -> Close HP -> LK Tatsu -> Crouch LP -> Crouch HP -> Hadouken -> EX Focus Attack -> MP Shuouken -> Ultra 2

High damage starter, not that you’d see it in a real game. After Sakura’s typical jump in BnB to LK Tatsu, adding a jab before your next Tatsu rep will make it hit meaty, about +7/8, letting Crouch MK hit with ease. The Shuouken FADC is one of the harder ones to do, but once again you can generate a meaty by simply adding a jab before the Crouch HP. This time however it also offers you a late hitting Hadouken, which can link relatively easily with a Focus Attack Level 2. Finally, Sakura’s MP SRK hits twice at the second stage of crumple, knocking the opponent high enough to add her Ultra 2 as a finalĂ©.

01:16 Jump in HP (CH) -> Stand HK -> Crouch HP -> LP Hadouken -> FADC -> Ultra 1

Only a few characters let Ryu tag a Crouch HP at the end of his Stand HK, most of whom have to be crouching. The FADC after the LP Hadouken leaves Ryu at an amazing +11 Frames. Pretty much anything that can reach will hit, including Ryu’s very slow Ultra 1 … mid-screen.

01:24 Jump in Target Combo (CH) -> Ultra 1 -> EX Dragon Kick -> EX Dragon Kick -> EX Dragon Kick

Nothing too special here – Ultra on a grounded opponent causes float. If you can make the first hit of his EX Dragon Kick whiff, then the second maintains the juggle limit, allowing you to do the same move 3 times on the spin.

01:35 Jump in HP (CH) -> Stand HK -> Crouch MP -> EX Hadouken -> EX Tatsu -> Ultra 1

Ryu’s got a bazillion ways to set up spacing for his EX Tatsu to relaunch Sakura in the corner when she’s already juggled. This is just one of them.

01:44 Jump in HK (CH) -> Crouch HP -> LP SRK X 3 -> EX Tanden -> Crouch HP -> LP SRK X 3 -> EX Tanden -> Crouch HP -> LP SRK X 3 -> Ultra 2

I added this combo just because really, i find it madly boring. Dan, like T.Hawk but a little bit harder, allows Seth to space out his SRK’s so the last one hits late, allowing for Seth to suck ’em back in – allowing for 3 reps. Good to pull off in a real game, but i don’t much like it for combo videos. Worth noting Seth can also tag on a divekick after the SRKs, but only against Hawk.

01:59 Jump in HP (CH) -> Stand HK -> Crouch HP -> LP Hadouken -> FADC -> EX Tatsu -> EX Tatsu -> Ultra

Another one displaying Ryu’s impressive frame advantage. Sakura is also one of the characters that allows Ryu to link Crouch HP after Stand HK – as well as displaying Sakura’s unfortunate hitbox allowing Ryu two EX Tatsu back to back ending in an Ultra.

02:08 Jump in HK (CH) -> Crouch HP -> Jump Cancel -> Kunai Throw -> Stand MK -> LK Multi-kicks -> Stand LP -> Stand MK -> EX Multi-Kicks -> Dragon Kick -> FADC -> Crouch HP

The biggest failure of a combo in this video. I love the combo, but it comes 8 stun away from dizzying. Which it would do if Close HP linked after a Kunai throw, however Close HP will only link if the Crouch HP before the Kunai throw hits as a counterhit. Besides that gripe however, Kunai throw offers plenty of time to link into a Stand LP, and about 1/2 frame gap for the Stand MK. Stand MK brings Ibuki a lot closer to the opponent and LK multi-kicks offers just enough frame advantage to link Stand LP. If you FADC the first hit of her Dragon Kick (Kazigiri) then you can add a c.HP at the end of the combo … I soooo wanted to dizy a character with that Crouch HP.

02:16 Focus Attack Level 1 (CH) -> Back Dash -> Stomp -> Jump MP -> Stomp Set -> Dive Kick (whiff) -> EX Tanden -> Close HP -> Close HP -> Sonic Boom -> Focus Attack -> LP Tanden -> Crouch LK -> Stand LP -> Crouch LK -> LP Tatsu -> Ultra 2

Balrog’s hitbox comes into play yet again. FA LVL 1 causes crumple if it hits as a counterhit. Seth can link stomps after a backdash against many characters, but the re-suction is very specific. Suction pulls the opponent in for a short time even after you’ve hit them with the following attack, allowing Seth to perform the Stand MP -> Stand HP link against most of the cast, proving you suck them in first. The boom hits meaty, making the Focus Attack very easy. The suction into jabs once again sets up the spacing for meaty LP SRK, allowing for the Ultra to hit fully.

02:33 Jump in HP (CH) -> Stand HK -> Crouch HP -> LP Hadouken -> FADC -> Close HK -> Crouch MP -> LP Hadouken -> Ultra 2

Though Cody is crouching here, you can do the Close HK -> Crouch HP combo from standing. You can’t do the followups shown here though. The first and second Hadouken hit meaty – the first to allow for another rep of the Stand HK, the second to allow the Ultra 2 link.

02:47 Jump in HP (CH) -> Close HK -> Crouch HP -> Focus Attack -> Back Dash -> EX Hadouken -> EX Tatsu -> Ultra

Juri, unlucky for her, not only takes the abuse of the Crouch HP after the HK, but Ryu can also Focus cancel his Hadouken for a tight link into a Focus LVL 2. Backdahsing after this perfectly spaces Ryu out to do an EX Haouken into 3 hits of an EX Tatsu, relauching her in to the corner into Ultra.

02:59 Neutral Jump HP (CH) -> Stand HP -> Rush-Punch Cancel -> Stand MP -> EX Rush-Punch -> LP Up-Punch -> EX Axe Kick = Dizzy -> Focus Level 3 -> Back Dash -> Ultra 2 -> Back Dash -> EX Hayate -> LP hayate -> EX Hayate

Makoto’s neutral jump HP does above avarage stun (312 on CH). The remainder of the combo just scrapes the stun necessary to dizzy Sim. Hitting Ultra 2 in the second stage of Sim’s crumple puts the enemy in to float state and correct timing of the first EX Hayate allows another two Hayates to be added to the combo.

03:14 EX Palm -> EX Palm -> EX Palm -> EX Shoulder = Dizzy -> Focus Level 3 -> Back Dash -> MP Palm -> MP Palm -> Ultra 1 -> EX Shoulder

Hitting Sim at his highest allows you to tag on 2 more EX Palms, all of which do way above avarage stun. At this stage, EX Shoulder is the only thing that’ll hit, conveniently causing dizzy. Palm’s meter gaining prowess is displayed by rebuilding nearly a full block of meter, just scraping the 5th bar needed to follow up the juggled Ultra with EX Shoulder. 5 Palms hit in this combo; 8 Palms if you include the whiffed ones.

03:33 Some light, Juri-specific combos with Ryu. Nothing fantastic, no need for notations. Cheers for watching/reading.

released today, September 26th, 2011

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