New Video Submission Policy

Unfortunately, i don’t have nearly as much time to search for new videos anymore, so anyone who wants their video featured here on ComboVid will have to submit the link directly to me.

Please include as much info as possible. If you send me the link and nothing else, i’m not going to bother posting it. I’ll never find the time for it, plain and simple. Anyway, you guys know which types of basic info i like to provide in each post. Please don’t make me locate it all on my own.

The main benefit of this policy is that it always allows the author to choose whether or not they want their video posted here – as well as verifying all the relevant info before any post gets published. (I’ll probably end up having to make an exception for non-English-speaking authors, just because it might be asking a bit much otherwise. I always try to gain their permission first anyway, even though it takes time to get a response.)

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