Random Screenshot: My Head When …

Whoever comes up with the best caption wins issue #5 of Udon’s original Street Fighter comic series (with limited edition power cel Guile cover by Shinkiro). As before, the rules are one entry per person and i’ll choose my favorite on Tuesday.

By the way, if you missed the twitter update last week, i had to migrate the entire website to another host. Hopefully the new server will provide improved speed and uptime. Unfortunately, user accounts were wiped out during the move, so you may have to take a minute to re-register.


SF4 Cammy wakes up with reversal Gyro Drive Smasher ultra after being knocked down by C.Viper’s c.HK sweep, while Viper’s Burst Time ultra fills the screen with lightning and debris.

Here are some alternate variants i captured along the way to the final version above:




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14 Responses to Random Screenshot: My Head When …

  1. Maj says:

    Almost forgot the obligatory babble. Here it is one more time. I’m still using the same graphics settings as i used for the initial batch.

    FPS Display: OFF
    Antialiasing: NONE
    Full Screen: OFF
    Display Resolution: 1280×720
    Display Refresh Rate: 60
    Display V-Sync: ON
    Frame Rate: Variable
    Aspect Correction: AUTO
    Brightness: 50
    Parallel Rendering: ON
    Texture Filter: 16x
    Model Quality: High
    Background Quality: High
    Soft Shadow: Highest
    Self Shadow: High
    Motion Blur: High
    Particles: High
    Extra Touch: OFF

    Basically everything is either default presets or as high as it would go.

  2. Snatcher says:

    I’m getting a Terminator entering the time stream vibe here.

    So: Time Displacement Equipment

  3. CPS2 says:

    Actual photo taken inside FFA during a 3s ranbat.

  4. beesuit says:

    Now you’re bursting the spark drills.

  5. Snoooootch says:

    The Big Bang Theory!

  6. jamheald says:


  7. Maj says:

    Well, CPS2’s suggestion was the first to make me laugh and there were some other funny ones too, but i’m gonna have to go with …

    SofaKingAC: Please e-mail me your address and i’ll send out your prize within the next day or two. Congratulations!

  8. Maj says:

    SofaKingAC: Your comic book is in the mail as of this afternoon, sir. The post office lady said it should take roughly 7-10 days to arrive. Do me a favor and make a quick post when you receive it, yeah?

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