Balrog: Behind the Glory Credits Theme and Captions

When Balrog: Behind the Glory was shown at Evo2k11 and released online, there were countless comments asking for the closing song. Well, here’s your chance to add it to your music library!

Balrog: Behind the Glory PosterThe BBTG credits theme is now available on iTunes.

Apparently the submission process took much longer than expected, but it finally went through. The track is a bass-heavy variation on Balrog’s classic theme, and the full downloadable version is 3:21 long.

On another note, the film now has full-length English captions – in adddition to Rioplatense Spanish subtitles courtesy of Keiko and Brazilian Portuguese subtitles courtesy of MWisk. If anyone else is interested in translating the film for your local community, just download the SBV captions file from the Chubby Boy Films website and translate away. It’s a plain-text file that you can open and edit in Notepad.

This will probably be the last round of news updates regarding Balrog: Behind the Glory. Hopefully the CBF crew will have more Street Fighter projects for us to enjoy in the near future.

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