KoF95 Practical Combo Movie by Vanira

For some reason, this video’s description reads “practical and useful combos exhibition” – but these King of Fighters ’95 combos are extremely situation-specific and difficult to perform.

KoF95 Kyo side-switch craziness at 2:32, Ryo double-chop at 2:40, Kensuo backwards corner meaty at 3:16, and Eiji pushing buttons at 3:31

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combos and editing by Vanira

released yesterday, August 24th, 2011

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4 Responses to KoF95 Practical Combo Movie by Vanira

  1. chicobo329 says:

    This was a pretty nasty combo video. Old KOF combos are just plain dirty aren’t they?

    I’m wondering how, around 52 seconds in or so, he was able to make Clark do so many punches in the combo while at the same time not triggering his Vulcan Punch (mash P special). What did he do?

    • Don Vecta says:

      Was tapping on timing rather than mashing (I’m pretty sure he used assistance to control the perfect tapping) but yeah, it is possible, kinda hard to do, though.

    • vaniras says:

      In response to your question, it is possible to push the button with just timing.
      not fire and not assistant tool.

  2. Maj says:

    Hi vaniras! Thank you for posting an explanation. I’m glad you found our website.

    Was this video tool-assisted or manually executed? We enjoy both types of videos here, but i want to make sure to use the right tag.

    Also i updated the title with a more accurate translation. I still don’t understand it though. Is it meant to be a joke? Because these combos don’t seem practical at all.

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