SSF4AE Tool-Assisted Guile Combos by error1

Since Capcom reduced Guile’s charge time from 55 frames in SF4 down to 50 frames in SSF4, error1 was able to find a slew of ridiculous multi-Sonic-Boom combos – using the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition to employ tool-assistance.

SSF4AE Guile mid-combo dash at 0:47, Guile EX Sonic Boom to Flash Kick at 0:55, Guile double Sonic Boom at 1:07, and Guile Sonic Boom x19 at 1:25

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combos and editing by error1

soundtrack: SF4 OST – Theme Of Guile

released today, August 23rd, 2011

bonus materials:
How to Combo Two Sonic Booms by error1

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