DAMAGE exhibition

Last year at Evo2k10, we presented a collaborative multi-game exploration of style in combos. With our Evo2k11 project, we’ve turned to the opposite direction – looking for pure damage!

All of these combos follow standard meter restrictions and were performed under default damage settings. Many of them were tool-assisted via programmable controllers or emulator scripting. Absolutely no hacks, cheats, or game-altering devices were used in the making of these combos.

combos by Aldevaran, AquaTeamV3, Battousai, CPS2, Dammit, Dark Chaotix, DevilAzite, Don Vecta, Doopliss, error1, Keiko, Krusan, Maj, oKutabareo, Persona, Phoenix, Raging Hawk, Remxi, Rufus, Ryukenden, ShinjiGohan, Snoooootch, Tigre III, and wolverine-master

edited by Snoooootch

MikeyG1221 – Spring Yard Zone (Sonic The Hedgehog OST Remix)
MikeyG1221 – Ice Cap Zone (Sonic 3 OST Remix)


0:03 SSF4 Ken shows off his juggle capabilities by connecting four moves after a fireball knocks Dhalsim out of the air. This represents a stylish combo that does no damage.

0:15 SFA3 V-Gen and V-Chun Li mash their way to victory in Dramatic Battle mode.

0:26 MvC2 Juggernaut activates the Cyttorak Power-Up glitch, then uses an OTG setup and a Thanos assist bubble to combo three Juggernaut Punches, killing Wolverine.

0:30 MvC3 Dormammu’s normal back throw can hurl the opponent into a projectile. In this case, the projectiles are five super fireballs clumped together.

0:36 HSF2 CE-Balrog takes advantage of WW-Ryu’s double damage dizzy vulnerability to finish him off with a lvl1 Turn Punch.

0:41 KoF2k3 Ralf’s Galactica Phantom is followed by an exit tag attack, interrupted by Malin’s floating yo-yo, allowing him to juggle with a Ralf Kick and bring in Maxima for the finish.

0:52 KoF2k2 Shermie grabs Iori’s Maiden Masher attempt with her SDM Shermie Flash, then outmashes him before the three-count for the instant kill.

1:01 SF4 Abel’s famous infinite is capable of dizzying and eventually killing Chun Li.

1:08 SS3 Haohmaru makes short work of back-turned Gaira with a dramatic five-hit combo.

1:14 SFA Guy’s c.LK -> s.HP connects from any range due to Sodom’s extra wide couching hitbox. The first post-dizzy hit doesn’t yield any stun in SFA1, so Guy’s crossup j.D+MP elbow keeps Sodom in the corner for the rest of the combo to redizzy.

1:30 FFS Ryo has an uncanny ability to link after fireballs, even at point blank range.

1:37 SF3:3S Makoto gains temporary damage boosts from her Taunts and her Tanden Renki super. Dudley takes double damage during his EX Cross Counter – and if he is hit during the first few start up frames, he won’t counter anything.

1:54 SFA3 A-Cammy and A-Mika team up in Dramatic Battle mode to throw Bison in a variety of ways, while avoiding neutral states whenever Bison is in the air.

2:05 SSBB Ganondorf’s side B is one of the few moves that forces the opponent to lay down on the ground. Luigi’s down-angled Ftilt allows him to put grounded opponents in “lock” state, which can be repeated indefinitely as long as you can reach the opponent. This state also forces the opponent to stand up afterwards, which leaves them vulnerable. This, in turn, allows Ganondorf to hit with his Utilt, while Luigi hits with a sweet-spotted Up B.

2:12 VH2 Pyron’s Cosmo Disruption blasts each hit multiple times after BB Hood’s Cool Hunting, racking up ridiculous amounts of damage on their own.

2:18 MvC Zangief and Hulk take turns smashing Strider and War Machine, thanks to Zangief’s empty cancels and Hulk’s absurd damage on Gamma Crush descent.

2:37 JBA Petshop is an overpowered bird in a fighting game that has everything. Releasing the icicle after the second superfreeze makes the holes in the combo small enough to avoid being escapable. The third super connects at the first frame possible, during hit-freeze.

2:51 BBCS Hakumen’s fully charged 6C causes high damage and long hit stun, especially on counterhit. Keeping the hit count low and avoiding weak attacks accounts for the rest.

3:10 SF Ryu’s Dragon Punch can hit up to three times, but only when its knockback is negated. This happens when Sagat gets caught in attack startup right before the DP connects.

3:16 SF4 El Fuerte’s damage optimizations include the opening counterhit far s.HP to close s.HP link, the use of EX Quesadilla Bomb, and finding every possible hit in the run-stop-fierce sequence. El Fuerte even scores a knockdown on that pesky bicyclist.

3:26 SFA3 Balrog’s counterhit Final Turn Punch causes extended hit stun, allowing him to recover in the air and launch one of Blanka’s watermelons back at him. Balrog avoids neutral state by walking backward long enough to juggle another Final Turn Punch.

3:47 T3 Yoshimitsu’s mirror-match Suicide trade inflicts enough damage to kill them both.

3:51 BB2 Red Shadow and Takeru Hongou both throw their weapons at the same time and instantly kill each other. Everything in Bushido Blade is dying all the time.

3:54 T3 Jack’s combo fails to finish off Panda, and he pays for it with a Double KO.

4:04 SFA Rose’s lvl3 Soul Spark can reflect other super fireballs. Akuma’s powerful lvl3 Messatsu Gou Hadou and weak vitality are a deadly combination.

4:09 SFEX2 C.Jack has a Final Punch similar to Balrog, but you can juggle after it. The longer the charge, the longer the startup – so in order to combo a second Final Punch, you need to time the Dash Upper perfectly.

4:20 JBA Dio’s Time Stop super has long startup. When he performs it as the opponent dies, it activates as the opponent gets up. The time stoppage lasts until the next round and Jotaro’s life is never changed. In this case a single jab is enough to kill him, scoring two KO’s in one combo.

4:37 COTA Silver Samurai’s Fire Elemental Sword boosts his damage and each of his shadows adds an extra hit, killing Spiral in just three slashes.

4:51 MKT H.Smoke can juggle B+HK twice against the robot ninjas due to their weird falling animation. Sektor’s missle sets up a high uppercut trade for extra early damage.

5:04 CvS2 Shin Akuma’s reversal CC-mode lvl1 Messatsu Gou Hadou multiples due to 2P Akuma’s tech throw reversal Raging Demon. Then they catch up to the makeshift beam and R4 Akuma dies. Since the super fireball was initiated during Custom Combo, it has infinite juggle potential.

debuted today, July 31st, 2011 at Evo2k11

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11 Responses to DAMAGE exhibition

  1. Maj says:

    Thanks to Don Vecta, Doopliss, error1, Raging Hawk, Rufus, Tigre III, and wolverine-master for helping me out with the transcript.

  2. error1 says:

    3:51 BB2 Red Shadow and Takeru Hongou both throw their swords at the same time and instantly kill each other. Everything in Bushido Blade is dying all the time.

    actually Takeru throws a tomahawk

  3. Tizoc says:

    This was awesome, great job!
    Is the Pyron combo a ‘glitch’ of some sort? Does Bulleta’s super cause Pyron’s to do multiple hits?

  4. Tizoc says:

    Alright, Maj, out with it: What filters were used for this vid?
    The sprites look SO GOOD when watching the vid in HD X3

    • Maj says:

      You’ll have to ask Snoooootch about that. He edited the whole thing from beginning to end and i’m not at all familiar with the software he used. But i agree, they do look pretty damn smooth.

    • Snoooootch says:

      What’s weird is that I rendered it as a stream copy, so no filters should have appeared. But for some reason, it smoothened out all the clips that seemed to distorted or noisy in a visual aspect. My editing software (Video Studio Pro X3) seems to do that when I render in HD.

      <– The icon here that I use for word press sites, is not HD, but when I render it as an image through an HD video, it i turned into a smoothened version of itself. it's weird, but looks awesome.

  5. Maj says:

    Hm, i really have no choice but to make this the Vid of the Week for 07.25.2011!

    Waaay too many (incredibly) talented combo makers worked on this project to ignore. And i only contributed a couple of clips, so it’s not that self-promotional, right?

  6. Don Vecta says:

    This is our baby… and still we have more awesome things to show. Thanks everyone for being together on this one.

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