SSF2T Screenshot Set by Bob Sagat

Every single one of these Super Street Fighter II Turbo screenshots is sure to bring a smile to any oldschool player’s face. While we’ve seen this concept before, it’s never been attempted with such attention to detail. How did Bob Sagat even know that half of these animation frames existed?









download link:

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11 Responses to SSF2T Screenshot Set by Bob Sagat

  1. Moopie says:

    Wow, excellent shots, all of them. But, I have to say the Dictator over Fei was easily my favorite.

  2. Maj says:

    Yeah that one’s pretty awesome. My favorites are probably T.Hawk vs Dhalsim and T.Hawk vs Blanka ball, just because they’re so completely unexpected.

  3. Bob Sagat says:

    Here’s the accompanying explanation text I sent along with these to Maj:

    01. Hawk cr.MP startup vs Dhalsim Teleport startup. I believe that frame is also used for Hawk blocking, so it’s not necessarily obscure, but I’m sure most people don’t know about this Sim pose.

    02. Akuma Teleport vs Fei Long landing frame. Again, the character on the left strikes a familiar pose, but Fei Long usually doesn’t stand like that, unless he wins a round.

    03. Hawk 1st part cr.HK vs Blanka cr.HK. Both aren’t really obscure, but the similarity is too much to pass up.

    04. Vega landing frame vs Dhalsim HK startup. Only similarity is that their backs are turned, but I think it’s fun that two Streetfighter characters seem to show no interest in fighting each other.

    05. O.Bison Devil Reverse startup vs Fei Long knockdown frame. Finally, some vertical similarity! Only one pose is obscure, yada yada.

    06. Hawk Tomahawk Buster recovery vs O.Bison Devil Reverse startup. Two obscure frames! They’re not exactly similar you say? Well, yeah… but these are arguably two of the best drawings in in-game ST and most people probably never even knew they existed!

    07. Hawk j.HK startup vs Blanka Upball. Yeah, I’m a Hawk player. Can ya tell? Also, Hawk really stole the other character’s moves. There’s no doubt about it by this point.

    08. Hawk cr.HP startup vs Guile cr.Block. The first time I noticed Hawk’s imitation skills. When you don’t know the game, it just looks like two characters stuck in block stun, but then when you realize it’s a cr.HP… It’s also funny how Guile gets absolutely dwarfed in this one. He’s almost half Hawk’s size!

    So yeah, if it hadn’t been for lag, I never would have noticed any of this, until I really started looking for frames I had never seen before with frame advance. Then it was simply a matter of playing a weird memory game to try and match these different poses up.

  4. Maj says:

    Thanks for providing all that info, sir. I’ve also updated the download link listed above. (The old one was a list of individual .png files and the new one is a convenient .rar archive containing all of them.)

  5. hexcrass says:

    These are really nice, the last one looks like T. Hawk is making fun of Guile :D

    • Bob Sagat says:

      hexcrass: Hawk is basically taunting everyone. Seriously, that guy stole everyone’s moves in this game.

      Btw, SRK frontpage, woo! Gotta love the newby comments, haha! (Maj, I know you love arguing with the trolls there, please don’t ;))

    • Maj says:

      Haha don’t worry, i usually avoid them like the plague. Like if you go back to all the SRK posts involving me and all the troll comments that were made, i’ve probably responded to (way) less than 1% of them.

  6. heatblazer says:

    LOL :D 3rd screen from bottom with Bison and Hawk is epic :D No such faces ever!!!

  7. deadfrog says:

    ahaha bob these are sweet

  8. Bob Sagat says:

    Cheers deadfrog

  9. Maj says:

    Damn yo, double-digit comments! The last time that happened was two months ago and it was mostly due to technical difficulties.

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