Skipping the Basics by Doopliss

Doopliss is taking a crack at SSF4 Arcade Edition combos, in his own trademark innovative style. Expect lots of crazy juggles, unknown properties, stylish crossups, and roughed-up wrestlers.

SSF4AE Juri quadruple fireball at 0:34, Yun cinematic ultra-2 juggles at 0:40, Dudley forever Ducking Straight at 1:14, Evi Ryu fireball spectrum at 2:13, Sakura EX air Hurricane Kick corner juggle at 3:04, Yang walking jabs at 4:11, and everything after 5:08

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combos and editing by Doopliss

SF4 OST – TGS ’08 Preview
SSF4AE OST – Theme of Evil Ryu
SSF4AE OST – Theme of Oni
SF4 OST – The Next Door
SF4 OST – AC Mode Select
SF4 OST – Character Select
SF4 OST – Gouken Rival Theme

released today, June 20th, 2011

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8 Responses to Skipping the Basics by Doopliss

  1. Tigre III says:

    Great vid, a lot of new stuff here!… 6 Ducking Straight??? Wow amazing!

  2. his1nightmare says:

    This video alone proves that SF4 can be an intense load of fun.

  3. Doopliss says:

    Actually Maj, I used turbo for the last Oni (doing the EX fireballs and Ultra) and E.Ryu (doing the Ultra, maybe on the jabs too) combos. Other than that it was all done manually though.

    • Maj says:

      Cool, thanks for the info sir. Updated the tags above from “manually executed” to “tool-assisted.”

      I don’t think too many people bother to check that part of the post, but it’s nice to keep it consistent just in case. Of course, having authors explain exactly what forms of tool-assistance they used (like you just did) is ideal.

  4. n00b_saib0t says:

    I can’t believe all those straights went into cinematic corkscrew cross O_O

  5. EA575 says:

    This is a very well-made combo video :). And lengthy, too.

  6. Maj says:

    Still my favorite SSF4 Arcade Edition combovid to date, so i’m making it the Vid of the Week for 06.20.2011!

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