SF3:3S Combo Video by his1nightmare

Who says there’s nothing left to be shown in 3rd Strike? Of course, trying to innovate in such a well-treaded game usually leads to subtle novelty, but it’s easy to appreciate nonetheless.

SF3:3S Ken juggle showcase at 0:31, Yun mashing at 2:19, Yang slashing at 2:36, and Remy counter super interrupt at 2:55

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combos and editing by his1nightmare

soundtrack: Damage Vault – Damaged (Facesmasher Remix)

released today, June 19th, 2011

bonus materials:
SF3:3S Remy Combos by his1nightmare

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6 Responses to SF3:3S Combo Video by his1nightmare

  1. his1nightmare says:

    Yun mashing, Yang slashing :D

    Thanks once more Maj.

  2. his1nightmare says:

    <___< I found one more Remy combo and re-uploaded the second video:

  3. Maj says:

    No worries, i dig the new Remy crossunder combo. I replaced the original link above and i’m making this the Vid of the Week for 06.13.2011!

  4. onreload says:

    Great stuff, nightmare, and that weird crossup-super in the Remy vid is awesome!

    From the full vid, I liked Yun’s HP, Dash loop against Q during Gen-Ei Jin, the wrong-way Hadou xx Super from Ken vs. Q (which also showcases how slow your meter is to drain after ex/supers O_o) … I would have really loved if that Gen-Ei Jin ender against Necro connected (the dash punch)…did you try kara’ing it and all that?

    • his1nightmare says:

      Thanks for your comment onreload :).
      I’m glad that at least one person seems to like the awkward Ken thing I recorded.

      And yes, I tried everything, Necro is totally out of range in any possible setting when using these attacks, sadly.


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