MvC3 Dante’s Infinite Without X-Factor by Combonauts

Apparently Dante has a practical corner Wildstomp infinite against several characters which requires no super meter and no X-Factor usage. Is it gamebreaking enough get patched out?

The infinite itself is basically self-explanatory once you see it in action, so the video reviews various combo starters for setting up Dante’s infinite during a match. Three different opponent characters are showcased: Tron, MODOK, and Arthur.

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combos and editing by Tigre III and Krusan (collectively Combonauts)

soundtrack: The Chemical Brothers – Do It Again

released yesterday, May 21st, 2011

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2 Responses to MvC3 Dante’s Infinite Without X-Factor by Combonauts

  1. Tigre III says:

    Also works on Joe, but with a different set up.
    I am reading that its already patched… This still works, on 23-05-2011

  2. krusan says:

    Works on Amaterasu too

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