MvC3 Zero Glitch: A Closer Look by Remxi

Remxi brings us a compilation of interesting/weird things seen during the MvC3 v1.02 Zero glitch zoom-out state – such as the boundary of specials/supers that would normally go off-screen, strange results of opponents being off screen, and objects moving underneath the stage.

MvC3 Chun Li mini-puffball at 1:17, Morrigan Astral Vision fireworks at 2:22, Spider-Man Web Zip exploration from 3:12, She-Hulk Road Rage at 7:57, and Thor mini Mighty Tornado at 9:00

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gameplay and editing by Remxi

originally released on May 2nd, 2011

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4 Responses to MvC3 Zero Glitch: A Closer Look by Remxi

  1. krusan says:

    Really intersting!!!
    Great idea (IMO) doing a vid showing all those things. I enjoyed it.
    There are some chars missing, there would be a 2nd part? And, yes, a vid showing all stages completelly with spiderman would be great too.

  2. Remxi says:

    Thanks for posting, Maj.

    Some chars I left out because they really didn’t have anything you couldn’t see completely to begin with e.g. Captain America. I recorded a few things with Deadpool and some more Arthur stuff but I thought the vid was getting a bit long already so I cut them out. After a bunch of people asked, I was going to do a stage vid but some guy already beat me to it haha. He didn’t show the entire Ghouls N Ghosts stage though that takes like 30 sec to scroll to the end and also didn’t turn off the HUD which is a bit disappointing but I don’t wanna try and step on him by redoing the same stuff.

  3. krusan says:

    No more chars then? I was hoping to know about Sentinel!!! Great exploration, anyway.

  4. Remxi says:

    Oh shit I just realised I managed to miss putting the Sentinel clip I recorded in. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll upload it to my channel now. T_T

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