Street Fighter X Tekken Captivate 2011 Trailers

Capcom-Unity just uploaded two SFxT trailers premiered at the Captivate 2011 event. The first one is a cinematic sequence featuring Ryu and Ken trying to fend off Kazuya and Nina.

The second trailer contains actual gameplay footage (sans lifebars or super meters) starring Kazuya, Nina, Ryu, Ken, Guile, Abel, Marduk, King, Chun Li, and Bob.

It looks like they were going for a Tekken-inspired juggle system, with ground bounces and OTGs in addition to team tagging and various air grab combos. However, the battles are fought on Street Fighter’s traditional 2D plane and there appear to be EX moves as well. The game certainly seems intriguing overall, but why does it look so grimy?

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  1. Tizoc says:

    Maj, I remember back before SSF4 was released you wrote some of your thoughts on Guile’s Sonic Hurricane Ultra and its uses in combos. Guile has Sonic Hurricane in this game, but I haven’t seen it used to extend combos or such.

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