World Heroes Perfect Combo Exhibition by 538 / KYSG

Apparently all of this footage was recorded in October and November of 2008, but we’re only seeing it now as “Incompleteness selection #04” for KYSG’s 10th Anniversary. There’s a lot of crazy stuff in this game, so i’d say it’s worth watching for the absurdity alone.

WHP Muscle Power midscreen whiff dropkick infinite at 4:19, Captain Kidd ghost shark juggles starting at 6:00, Ryoko redizzy Taunt kill at 11:42, and Kim Dragon triple redizzy at 15:22

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combos and editing by 538 (of the group KYSG)

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – Absolute Ego Dance (Remix)
Aphex Twin – Donkey Rhubarb
Kassin – Trenzinho Delicia
A Forest Mighty Black – Loud Minority (Remix)
King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man

released today, March 29th, 2011

full set:
World Heroes Perfect Combo Exhibition Part 1 | Part 2

bonus materials:

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7 Responses to World Heroes Perfect Combo Exhibition by 538 / KYSG

  1. onreload says:

    in the bonus materials, he (humorously) explains that Shura, from WHP, is the king of the death-cries from fighting games…and showcases his “maketassu!” cry…where he’s basically just saying “i lost!” in a whiny voice

  2. Keiko says:

    KYSG = Instant vid of the week.

  3. jchensor says:

    9:30 of the second video has to be one of the best music syncing I’ve seen. I actually laughed out loud when that part happened.

  4. onreload says:

    wow, that last dio combo has what, like 5 dizzies?

  5. Tarnish says:

    I was seriously wondering if they were going to do something like this, as I saw this back in 2009 and it was the subject of many inside jokes:

    That post KO super is always hilarious, I especially liked the above clip just because Muscle Power is probably the most hilarious death cry compared to Shura.

  6. Don Vecta says:

    I really dunno why they gave him such a wimpy voice. His WH2 and WH2J voice was more… manly. The K.O. voice that makes me laugh it’s Rasputin (bells ringing? lol).
    Regardless, awesome material, I love it.

  7. Tigre III says:

    Great music choise, I always wanted to make a CMV with King Crimson… Some combos are simply… ridiculously brutal.

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