Melty Blood: Actress Again Bug Collection by muto6

Here we have a 16-minute video containing various bugs/glitches in the PlayStation 2 version of Melty Blood: Actress Again. Some of these have been explored in previous vids (e.g. Kohaku bomb + throw floating floor glitch) but the majority are new.

Ciel’s wall jump super move interrupted by the opponent’s pushbox leading to a ghetto combo at 4:20, airthrowing the aerial clone of Nanaya’s AD causes the original version to glitch and slide across the stage at 5:20, clash party at 14:22, and Ciel AAD mirror at 15:42

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combos and editing by muto6

originally released on March 24th, 2011

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2 Responses to Melty Blood: Actress Again Bug Collection by muto6

  1. Maj says:

    Credit to Remxi for the tip.

  2. Maj says:

    Making this the Vid of Week for 03.21.2011!

    Not that i understand or appreciate most of it, but 16 minutes of novelty is no joke.

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