Tekken Zaibatsu Community Project #2 Trailer

The trailer for this year’s Tekken 6 Community Project is out and it looks every bit as hype as you’d expect. Thirty combo makers from seventeen nations across five continents participated!

Even as a trailer, it weighs in at over five minutes and contains dozens of full combos. The intro is a little too long, but still under a minute which is nice. Further details about the project can be found in its Tekken Zaibatsu thread.

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combos by 538, AZYG4LYFE, BlackPriest, Crumbs, Deep Theater, Drake The Demon, Dredd, Eternal_Emz, Fuuchikurin, Golden Eggs, Guc11, Hoc, Keeper Of The CRANE, LordTKD, mad hittman, Moramota, Murakumo, Oblong_Sneaky, ogre Killer, orochimaru, OUTBREAK_YOKO, sithlord, S.M.P., Spinal Villain, The Main Man, tmd02, Tobi, Velone, zarzobnz, and ZeroX03

edited by Tobi

originally released on March 20th, 2011

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  1. Tigre III says:

    I really like the edition, so pro. Some combos are very interesting, sure the final project will be an instant classic.

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