KoF2k2UM Combo Exhibition by AVD

AVD released this video as a New Year’s present for every KOFer, and it’s pretty amazing all the way through. Literally every combo is interesting in one way or another. The soundtrack is a little bizarre, but maybe that’s what’s hot in the streets right now – i don’t know.

KoF2k2UM Jhun sky-high launcher trade vs Athena at 0:25, Yamazaki expressing his disdain for the “cheer captain” situation at 0:40, Kyo-1 crossup vertical j.HP at 1:13, Robert stylin’ on Terry at 2:18, and Xiangfei wall tennis at 3:21

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The translated title of this video seems to be “Old Rules in the New Year” – which i’m told is a reference of the upcoming Chinese New Year and also a double entendre that some old bugs and properties from vanilla 2002 still work in 2002UM, i.e. Joe’s massive hitbox or Robert’s frontal hitbox, along with some classic screenlocks.

combos and editing by AVD

soundtrack: Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me

released yesterday, January 24th, 2011

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5 Responses to KoF2k2UM Combo Exhibition by AVD

  1. Maj says:

    Credit to onReload and Don Vecta for providing the title explanation.

  2. the_chap says:

    Looks like a showcase of weird hitbox from Joe and screenlocks.

    Nameless is a sad redesign of Tetsuo, erm, I mean K9999… Has the exact same moves.

  3. spookydonkey says:

    “Yamazaki expressing his disdain for the “cheer captain” situation at 0:40”

    hah this made my day, thx =]
    enjoyable vid & oddly, the music works

  4. krusan says:

    Great work, as always. Exploring the engine to the limits.

  5. Maj says:

    Making this the Vid of Week for 01.24.2011!

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