Akuma Enjoys 5/4 – An SSF4 Combo Video by desk

In Super Street Fighter IV, the startup of Akuma’s s.HK was increased in order to eliminate his SF4 loop (s.LP, s.HK repeated). With this video, desk shows a variety of ways to mimic those vanilla combos. It’s impossible to link into the s.HK under normal circumstances, so every instance of it happening in this video is after a meaty jab setup.

SSF4 Akuma dizzy combo (with awesome intro) at 0:08, Viper’s ultra angle view of Raging Demon at 1:26, Akuma fancy corner juggle at 1:31, Akuma post-KO Hurricane Kick at 2:05, Akuma s.HK x5 vs Cody at 2:14, and Akuma EX air fireball x4 at 2:35

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combos and editing by desk

soundtrack: desk – Akuma Enjoys 5/4

released today, January 24th, 2011

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5 Responses to Akuma Enjoys 5/4 – An SSF4 Combo Video by desk

  1. Numsigmernen says:

    0:40, 0:58: wait, are those normals cancellable into U2? I believe if it were a teleport cancel Akuma would have flames surrounding him during the ultra freeze (like in 2:39), no?

  2. Maj says:

    I guess if you do it fast enough, the teleport flames never appear. They didn’t appear in my vid and i know i teleport-canceled it.

  3. spookydonkey says:

    from the description:
    “0:53 vs Hawk: In order to get 8 cr. mp. You have to walk forward for 2-3 frames after each fb xx FADC. Anymore and the combo breaks, any fewer and the final cr. mp will whiff. The cr. mp xx teleport xx U2 must be done, very, very quickly for it to connect.”

    if you had read the description you wouldve found out @ the end that you are particularly hardcore & that desk respects that =]

  4. Numsigmernen says:

    I did read the description. The transcript wasn’t there yet.

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