Picking Up Tokido on Being a Scrub

Tokido is one of the Japanese players attending Shadowloo Showdown 2010 this weekend, and muttonhead was one of the players who picked him from the airport upon his arrival. He wrote this awesome post about Tokido’s first day in Australia, and it’s just a great read all around. Here’s the link along with a brief quote:

Picking Up Tokido on Being a Scrub

I saw option selects I’ve never seen before. He did dive kick option select teleport on Toxy and followed Toxy’s teleport with his own teleport and cancelled into his Ultra II the Roflcopter for massive damage. He did this many times. I saw every single method of punishing teleport known to man. Walk up follow and sweep, option select tatsu, option select Raging Demon, option select teleport. You cannot escape Tokido’s Akuma. I even saw him do option jump back off a safe jump against Bison!

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3 Responses to Picking Up Tokido on Being a Scrub

  1. yoshiwaan says:

    Really good read. We’re all so used to seen names like Tokido and Mago and Daigo from SRK and youtube and they kinda take on that aloof professional sportsman feel, but when it comes down to it, as big as our community is getting and as serious as some of the competitions are it’s just a bunch of mates playing video games together.
    Even on the other side of the world they have the same interests and jokes and hobbies, so when it comes down to it Mago, Tokido and Daigo are just dudes, and Tokido seems like a pretty hilarious one at that.

  2. crowbait says:

    Hahah, I read that title as “Picking Up on Tokido Being a Scrub,” and I thought, “Well, I certainly haven’t picked up on that, I must be slow.”

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