Genesis Pit Fighter TAS by adelikat

Does anyone remember playing this awful game? I had the misfortunate of experiencing it because one of my friends somehow got his parents to buy it for him as a kid. Luckily jjunior76 discovered a weird glitch that freezes opponents in place as they die to extreme rapid-fire.

PitF Ty flawless wakeup games at 0:37, barrel bash combo at 4:10, and the end at 6:15

gameplay by adelikat

transcript and explanations:

download site:

published today, November 5th, 2010

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One Response to Genesis Pit Fighter TAS by adelikat

  1. Maj says:

    Nothing against the speedrun itself – although it was a little too repetitive, but this game is really, really bad. I actually felt relieved that it ended so quickly so i wouldn’t have to watch any more lettuce piling up under that forklift.

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