MatchVid of the Day: a-cho 4-on-4 GGXXAC Final

Several matchvids from this Guilty Gear XX Accent Core tournament were just uploaded to the a-cho u2b channel today. It was a 4-on-4 tournament called the “Let’s Take Down N-Otoko Festival.” Apparently everyone’s goal was to eliminate the Venom player who entered alone.

players: K (Eddie), Kou (Slayer), Shonen (Testament), Woshige (Millia) vs N-Otoko (Venom)

Thirteen minutes of runtime is way too much to talk about, but these matches (like all top-level GGXX videos) are fun to watch if you enjoy seeing totally unfair things happen to people. It’s got a few awesome comebacks too, at 0:40 and 6:05.

game: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Arcade)

venue: a-cho Let’s Take Down N-Otoko Festival – Finals

recorded on February 27th, 2010

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2 Responses to MatchVid of the Day: a-cho 4-on-4 GGXXAC Final

  1. Fireball says:

    Reverse OCV!

  2. Bob Sagat says:

    Damn, insane game. I can’t believe how many different setups there are for starting combos. I liked how Testament got out of Venom’s super with his counter-attack teleport btw.

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